Rene Magritte

Some Odalisques Are Only About That Thing: Amazing Tumblr Juxtaposes Hip Hop Lyrics and Classic Artworks

In the grand Tumblr tradition of mashing up seemingly unrelated art forms (see also: the eternally relevant Slaughterhouse 90210) — and perhaps in tribute to the increasing overlap between the worlds of hip hop and high art — comes a delightful project called Fly Art. Billed as “an homage to the finer things in life: art and hip hop,” Gisella Velasco and Toni Potenciano’s Tumblr superimposes lyrics from the likes of Kanye West and Lauryn Hill on complementary artworks by Renaissance and Modernist masters alike. Click through to see some of our favorite juxtapositions from Fly Art, which we spotted via Beautiful/Decay. … Read More

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Adam Lister’s ‘8-Bit Watercolors’ Apply Crude Digitization to Masterful Paintings

The history of painting may seem somewhat cyclical: from the two-dimensional baseness of hieroglyphics to the Renaissance’s perspective-prizing realism to impressionism’s fuck-you to imagistic perfection and back to crudeness with Cubism and Abstract Expressionism’s crusade against form, then back and forth simultaneously with postmodernism’s rehashing of everything, the passing millennia suggest that constant visual evolution spurs a distorted form of death and rebirth. Adam Lister’s 8-Bit Watercolors (spotted via Colossal) include reproductions of iconic paintings and images that deform paintings like Seurat’s A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte and Vermeer’s Girl With a Pearl Earring by applying early digital visuals to pre-digital works — layering proverbial lens upon proverbial lens. Appearing at once more modern and more antiquated than their imitated subjects, these Nintendo and Atari-inspired paintings reveal the easy conflation of obsolescence and novelty among decontextualized works, subjecting us to a dizzying form of artistic and technological time travel. … Read More

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Awesome 8-Bit Reworkings of Classic René Magritte Paintings

There’s always been something decidedly psychedelic about Nintendo games — there’s the mushrooms, the bright primary colors, the fact that the hero is an Italian plumber who rides a dinosaur and battles turtles. But it’s not all just a case of too much acid in the ’70s — the likes of Mario are also influenced by surrealism, a connection made explicit by a Tumblr called Our Princess Is in Another Castle of the Pyrenees (we came across it via Boing Boing). The site is devoted to 8-bit Mario-style re-imaginings of paintings by the great René Magritte, and it’s heaps of fun. Check out a selection of our favorite images — with the originals for comparison — after the jump. … Read More

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From Collaboration to Theft: What Happens When Art and Advertising Collide

Last week, the Texas Department of Transportation ordered the removal of a new large-scale sculpture designed by contemporary artist Richard Phillips for Playboy Enterprises, on the grounds that Playboy had not solicited a permit for a public advertisement. Titled Playboy Marfa, the work sits along a stretch of US Highway 90 outside of Marfa, Texas, and is comprised of a 1972 Dodge Charger sitting on a plinth next to a giant neon rendering of the Playboy logo. … Read More

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Monster Sales That Are Already Shaking Art Basel

Art Basel, the art fair that all other art fairs want to be like when they grow up, opened to the general public Thursday. Though the event has been known for its uncommon ritziness, even by art fair standards, the string of reported sales have been so big you can almost imagine Knight Ranger playing a high-distortion guitar riff, off in the distance, when the collector signed the check. A few of these Earth-shakers, after the jump, should assure readers that the art market in northern Switzerland is indeed ready to rock. … Read More

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Flavorpill’s 10 Most Anticipated Art Exhibits of 2013

Are you ready for a year of new art exhibitions? Whether you’re itching to revisit old favorites or ready to embrace brave new frontiers, we’ve got a selection of exciting art shows that love to break the rules. From cutting-edge new media exhibits to shows celebrating an avant-garde departure from mainstream culture in a decade past, get ready to be inspired. Is the New Aesthetic the new Surrealism? Take a peek at 2013 and mark your calendars! … Read More

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Personal Letters From Great Artists to Their Friends and Family

Here at Flavorpill, we’re great fans of artistic ephemera, endlessly fascinated by everything from the journals of creative geniuses to postcards from famous authors. After all, once you’re famous, there’s just no way to keep your private papers out of the hands of the curious masses — not that we’re complaining: sometimes, the best way to learn about someone is to see the way they correspond to those closest to them. To that end, we’ve collected a few beautiful letters from great artists to their friends and family, each one as visually evocative as you’d expect. Take a look after the jump, and if we’ve missed a stellar letter, send it our way in the comments! … Read More

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Extremely Silly Photos of Extremely Serious Artists

You might think visual artists have it easy — hanging out with models and making pretty pictures — but after a long day of churning out portraits (at the Factory, perhaps) or patiently mixing colors, every serious artist needs to cut loose and let his silly side shine. After all, writers can’t have all the fun, can they? In fact, from what we can tell, artists come up with some of the strangest and funniest ways to play, and we’ve collected a few snaps of their most ridiculous escapades, both candid and posed, here. Click through to check out our gallery of very silly photos of very serious (or at least seriously acclaimed) visual artists, and when you’re through, you just might consider putting aside your work for the afternoon and going out to play. … Read More

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A Survey of Iconic Masks in Visual Art

Guy Fawkes, los Luchadores, Sleep No More — there are oh-so-many masks in today’s popular culture, and so many questions. What’s with this desire to plop on another’s image and transform into something different, new and strange? Why hide your identity behind an oval-shaped obstruction and gawk at the world from behind its eye-holes? What kind of wrestling tights does one wear with a sparkly aquamarine Lucha libre mask? Just kidding. Let’s swerve the conversation into the field of visual art and investigate. From masks’ roots in ancient ritual performance to their use in contemporary art and related ruckus, peek under a few here and see if they’re still relevant. … Read More

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15 Famous Art-Influenced Album Covers

Is it odd when an ’80s New Wave band recreates an 1860s pre-Impressionist painting? Nah. Here you will find album covers that pay homage/allude to/imitate/rip-off famous works of art and iconic photographs, from almost near replicas to stealthy appropriations of the work’s key elements to tributes to specific artists’ very definitive styles. From the White Stripes’ very De Stijl De Stijl to Joni Mitchell in Van Gogh drag to Rembrandt à la Rammstein, see fifteen of our picks here. We’re sure there are many, many more. Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments! … Read More

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