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From Cannes to Lifetime: A ‘Grace of Monaco’ Disaster Timeline

Dozing off on the couch Memorial Day evening with a belly full of improperly cooked-out burgers and cheap beer is a bit of a holiday tradition (in our house, anyway), but this year, there’s a particularly fascinating bit of television programming for you to nod off to: Grace of Monaco, in which Oscar winner Nicole Kidman plays iconic movie-star-turned-princess Grace Kelly. This was supposed to be a giant movie: opening the Cannes Film Festival, awards season push by the Weinstein Company, Oscar glory. Instead, it’s quietly making its stateside debut on Lifetime, a network better known for cringe-worthy original biopics and tales of women in jeopardy. So how did such a prestige project end up on a punchline network? Let’s roll the tape. … Read More

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The Quick Failure and Unexpected Comeback of ‘Empire Records’

In September of 1995, a teen-geared comedy called Empire Records opened quietly in only 87 theaters. It was greeted by hostile reviews and meager box office, grossing barely a quarter of a million dollars before its theatrical run came to a halt two weeks later. It was then shuffled off to home video, its cast moving on to bigger things (some of them, considerably bigger), the whole enterprise quickly forgotten — but, as Mike LaFontaine (Fred Willard) notes in A Mighty Wind, “that’s good, because that’s how you establish a cult.” And so, somehow, Empire Records became a cult classic, prompting fan events and “remix” DVDs and a new Blu-ray release, timed both to the picture’s 20th anniversary and the thematically significant Record Store Day. A fresh reappraisal of the picture prompts two questions: Why did it tank in the first place, and why is it a fan fave now? … Read More

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13 Media Moments from 2014 We Could Have Lived Without

Presenting; a mix of the morally execrable and the culturally annoying moments in 2014 that we sort wish had never happened, to be honest, although we dutifully thought and wrote about them (and to be even more honest, these ten moments are merely the tip-top of the Christmas tree of head-smacking moments from 2014.)

Adieu, 2014! … Read More

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The White House’s First Website Looked Like It Was Made in the 90’s (and It Was) : Links You Need to See

Today has been a difficult day on the Internet, with people dissecting Renee Zellweger’s face (LOL except NOT), Adobe apparently pulling its ads from Gawker under pressure from #GamerGate, and this tragic mansplain-y piece about mansplaining. But there’s hope, still, for content that keeps its head above water. Onward, my friends, or backward, perhaps: today marks the 20th anniversary of the White House’s website launch. Elahi Izadi has an illuminating examination of that fateful day, and—good lord—how far we’ve come. Although, I guess if you had to sign up for health care on the Affordable Care Act website…maybe not. … Read More

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Yes, Those Pictures of Renée Zellweger Are Disturbing. But Why?

This morning, a series of photos surfaced, showing Renée Zellweger looking dramatically different—a bit like a stranger, a bit Sarah Jessica Parker or Robin Wright, and still a bit like herself, but only if one looks hard. “It’s always nice to meet new people, even if they’re old friends,” was Gawker’s only comment, and then the internet exploded with thoughts, horror and even anger at the star. … Read More

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James Blunt Is On Our Side, Admits “You’re Beautiful” Is Annoying: Links You Need to See

With Halloween nearing and everyone guzzling listicles of scary things — essentially having their fears dictated to them — it’s easy to forget the commonplace horrors. For example, while you’ve likely been busy getting your coulrophobia rekindled by American Horror Story, your fear of say, Comic Sans, has probably been relegated to the backseat of your subconscious. Well, I’d like to change that. There’s lots out there to be afraid of, and most of it isn’t bedecked in foam noses and white makeup (though, arguably, Comic Sans would be the actual most horrific thing in the world if it were wearing a clown costume). … Read More

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The Golden Globes’ Most Memorable WTF Moments: A Retrospective

The Golden Globes are on Sunday night, giving us our yearly chance to drink along (in spirit) with famous people. It’s a night when the bold-faced names in Hollywood get to loosen up and laugh at themselves (albeit not too hard), aided by their friends from Moet & Chandon. Naturally, all of that social lubrication means we get a pretty wacky three-hour awards show (rather than the increasingly stuffy and overwrought Oscars). Here are a few memorable moments of craziness from Golden Globes past.  … Read More

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Video Essay: “And Introducing… Famous Faces in Their Film Debuts”

This week’s must-see DVD for film fans is Corman’s World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel, Alex Stapleton’s wickedly enjoyable documentary profile of Roger Corman, the B-movie master whose exploitation movies launched half the moviemakers and movie stars of the ’70s. One of the film’s highlights is Jack Nicholson’s remembrances of his first movie roles, including his debut performance in The Little Shop of Horrors (which Corman shot in all of two days). Nicholson’s story got us thinking about other stars and their first movie roles, so we put together this quick video essay with a peek at some other famous film debuts. Check out our latest video essay after the jump. … Read More

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The Morning's Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. The Real World: D.C. was the least-watched season in the series’ history. Gawker says that it’s time to put to put the old poodle down. Do you agree? [via Pop Candy]
2. Previously unreleased Bob Dylan material will be featured on the soundtrack of My Own Love Song, a new film… Read More

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What Will the New Bridget Jones Movie Be About?

What will the new Bridget Jones movie be about? The film, as yet unnamed, was just announced (and by just, we mean it’s not even on IMDB yet), and it’s supposed to be based on the columns that Helen Fielding, the Bridget Jones creator, wrote for the Independent from 2005 to 2006. We read through those columns to try and get an idea of what the new movie’s plot will revolve around, and boy did we get some dirt. Read on past the jump to check it… Read More

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