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So Bad It’s Good: Get Possessed by the Boredom of ‘Exorcist II: The Heretic’

Bad movies are not a simple matter. There are nearly as many categories of terrible movies as there are for great ones: there are films that are insultingly stupid (Batman & Robin), unintentionally funny (Birdemic), unintentionally, painfully unfunny (White Chicks), so bad they’re depressing (Transformers), and so on. But the most rewarding terrible movies are those we know as “so bad they’re good” — entertaining in their sheer incompetence, best braved in numbers, where the ham-fisted dramatics and tin-eared dialogue become fodder for years of random quotes and inside jokes. And in this spirit, Flavorwire brings you the latest installment in our monthly So Bad It’s Good feature, and a special Halloween edition, no less: John Boorman’s notorious 1977 sequel Exorcist II: The Heretic. … Read More

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The Forgotten TV Roles of 15 Hollywood Legends

Last week, my heroes at Shout Factory unleashed The Marx Brothers TV Collection, a comprehensive, three-disc set that’s like Christmas come early for us “Marxists.” Among its many pleasures — variety show guest shots, dramatic turns on anthology series, appearances on celebrity golf and poker shows (yes, they had those back then) — is the set’s crown jewel: the obscure, final appearance of the three brothers together, on an episode of The General Electric Theater. Inspired by this find, we take a look at some of the other long-lost or long-forgotten television turns by Hollywood legends. … Read More

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The 10 Best On-and-Off-Screen Couples in Movie History

Hollywood lost one of its last lions yesterday, as the legendary Lauren Bacall died at 89. She had a long and storied career, performing on film, radio, stage, and television, but America first knew her as the whisky-voiced marvel who taught Humphrey Bogart how to whistle. Bacall and Bogart were just one of the many Hollywood couples whose onscreen relationship became an off-screen one; let’s take a look at their famous pairing, and those of a few more great movie couples who kept their chemistry going off the set. … Read More

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13 Great Anti-Valentine’s Day Movies You Can Stream Right Now

If you’re dating or married, Valentine’s Day can be a high-stress holiday: figuring out what to get your partner, how much is trying too hard, how much isn’t trying enough, where to go, what to do, what not to do, and whether this really is the right night to bring up that previously unmentioned lovechild. But if you’re, shall we say, between partners, February 14 is a miserable day indeed, an interminable blizzard of flowers and candy and bullshit. Who needs it? So if you’d like to shy away from the syrupy romantic fare typical of Valentine’s Day movie-watching, fear not; here are a baker’s dozen anti-romantic movies for your weekend… Read More

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The Very Worst Performances of 10 Great Movie Actors

This Friday, Robert DeNiro once again does his very best to assure you that he’s actually not one of the finest screen actors of all time, via his mercilessly overcooked performance in the alarmingly bad paranormal thriller Red Lights. Badly miscast as a superstar psychic, the two-time Oscar winner conveys not a moment of credibility, and while it’s not the absolute worst work he’s done (more on that below), it got us thinking about some of our finest actors, and some of their less notable performances. After the jump, our list of ten truly terrible performances by ten highly respected thesps; add your own in the comments. … Read More

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Ranking Elizabeth Taylor’s Film Roles from Best to Worst

Today would have been Dame Elizabeth Taylor‘s 80th birthday. Hollywood is still feeling the loss of the iconic actress, whose violet eyes and dramatic finesse made an unforgettable impression on movie audiences the world over. Though the tabloid terror of Liz’s colorful personal life sometimes overshadowed her later career, she was a dazzling screen legend who graced us with her charm, beauty, and undeniable talent. We’ve taken a look back at the starlet’s film history, ranking her roles from best to worst. It’s not an easy job, given her prolific filmography. Lists like these are always subjective, but we’ve spotlighted some of the good, the bad (or the so bad it’s good), and the ugly. Thanks to Liz’s cinematic accomplishments, there’s lots to choose from. Share your picks below, and tell us what movies we may have missed. … Read More

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Elizabeth Taylor's Collection of Finery Now on View at Christie's

As of today, you can see the entire lavish collection of Elizabeth Taylor’s clothing, jewelry, and other memorabilia, and soon, you’ll be able to bid on it — if you have millions of dollars to spend. After a world tour, the extensive collection, comprised of about 2,000 of Taylor’s personal items, has come to rest at Christie’s in New York City, where it will be auctioned off  in a four day event set to start in ten days. There are gads of gems (“You think of every great jewelry house in the world, she had something from all of them,” said Christie’s jewelry expert Rahul Kadakia), gowns from every top designer, and over 200 handbags, among other things. The official estimates are guessing that the haul will go for about $50 million — but that’s with everything priced as if it wasn’t owned by Taylor, so the true amount may be much, much higher, with all proceeds going to the Taylor estate and her AIDS Foundation. Click through for a few of the items from the collection, and let us know which are on your wish list in the comments! … Read More

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10 of the Best Drunken Movie Performances

“The best research for playing a drunk is being a British actor for 20 years,” says Michael Caine. That hasn’t stopped plenty of American actors from giving it a shot. This week, Johnny Depp appears in The Rum Diary, based on a typically boozy (not to mention druggy) book by Hunter Thompson. Even if you try to ignore the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Depp has had years of experience to hone his on-screen stagger. But he’s not the first – and definitely not the craziest – actor to bring the party to work. Below, we revisit some of the best drunken performances committed to film. … Read More

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The Most Memorable Off-Screen Couples On-Screen

Diane Keaton just published her new memoir, Then Again, which talks about her early relationship with director Woody Allen. The couple fell in love during the Broadway run for his Play It Again, Sam and broke up soon after, but their filmic twosome lasted through 1993’s Manhattan Murder Mystery. Their greatest collaboration, however, remains Annie Hallwhich Allen insists is not autobiographical, but the real-life similarities are certainly obvious. Genuine to the core, Annie Hall is one of the greatest screen love stories ever told and certainly one of Allen’s best films.

“Most people assumed Annie Hall was the story of our relationship. My last name is Hall. Woody and I did share a significant romance, according to me, anyway. I did want to be a singer. I was insecure, and I did grope for words,” Keaton recently told Vogue magazine. “After 35 years, does anybody care? What matters is Woody’s body of work. Annie Hall was his first love story. Love was the glue that held those witty vignettes together.”

What other off-screen couples made memorable partners on-screen? Past the break we pick a few of our favorites. Share yours with us below. … Read More

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Richard Burton Narrated a Musical Version of ‘The War of the Worlds’

Elizabeth Taylor’s legendary love and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf star Richard Burton has a speaking voice that could melt butter, as they say. He lent his sonorous talents to composer Jeff Wayne’s concept album, Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of the Worlds, in 1978. Inspired by the 1898 sci-fi novel, the album is full of grandiose, symphonic prog — which seems to epitomize the bloated conceptual excesses of the genre that are so easy to lampoon. It is invested with the gravitas of Burton and some of H.G. Wells’ original words, however, so it has some dramatic resonance. The work also features the vocals of UK pop star David Essex and Thin Lizzy’s Phil Lynoot, among others. Listen to some proggy Richard Burton after the jump. Follow the YouTube links for more if it pleases you. … Read More

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