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A Smashing Collection of ’90s Cartoon-Inspired Nail Art

Have you ever wanted Nigel Thornberry on your fingernails? What about Patti Mayonnaise? Or Heffer Wolfe? Well, we have some fun news — there’s a little slice of the Internet set aside for ’90s cartoon nail art. Who knew? We came to realize this excellent fact while compiling our earlier selection of TV nails, where we enjoyed everything from Treat Yo’ Self to Breaking Bad manicures. Before that, we brought you some incredible literary nails, then got ziggy with David Bowie and other musician-inspired nail art. Now, it’s time to get ’90s-nostalgic with some cartoons from Nickelodeon and beyond. Take a trip down memory lane with our collection of crafty cartoon nail art after the jump, and hit the comments to let us know what you think. … Read More

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10 Cartoons Inspired by Live-Action Characters (or Real People)

[Editor’s note: While your Flavorwire editors take a much-needed holiday break, we’ll spend the next two weekends revisiting some of our most popular features of the year. This post was originally published October 7, 2011.] Cartoon creators don’t always borrow personalities from live action film and TV, but when they do, it sometimes isn’t as obvious as we’d think. Have you ever noticed that Milhouse is a flawless animated rendition of The Wonder Years’ Paul Pfeiffer? And Doug Funnie’s retired neighbor? Y’know, that Dink guy who hangs around giving Doug strange advice? He’s most certainly an homage to Home Improvement‘s Mr. Wilson, the wisest man on the other side of Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor’s fence. Check out some quirky cartoons and their live equivalents after the jump, and hit the comments to let us know the others you’ve found. They’re everywhere. … Read More

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TV's Most Memorable Pets

Pets are a staple of almost every television household, making for trusty sidekicks, dependable comic relief, and comforting ears that (usually) don’t talk back. But some on-screen animal stars are more than just housemates, with affable personalities and plot lines of their own. The inspiring owner-pet relationships that we celebrate after the jump establish a real equity and rapport between cross-species co-stars and make us reevaluate a pet’s role in the home. Which of your favorite actors yield from the animal kingdom? … Read More

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A Comprehensive Rule Book to Pop Culture’s Fictional Games

It’s getting colder, folks, which means we’ll be spending more and more time indoors. How do you like to spend the winter months? Watching TV? Playing games? Reading Flavorpill? Well, let’s combine all of three, shall we? Every now and then, our favorite fictional characters will use their fictional brilliance to invent some awesomely fictional games, and we’ve been itching to play ’em. The rules of these fake games, however, are often left somewhat unexplained, so why not piece together what we do know and add a few guidelines to create real, playable games? Gather some pals, order a pizza, and read on for the real life rules to 10 of pop culture’s most competitive creations. It’s game night! … Read More

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The World's Creepiest Kids' TV Shows

Painfully wholesome, G-rated American children’s television of our current kid-tested, mother-approved era not doing it for you? Yeah, we’re not feeling it, either. As the fall TV season kicks off, we assume most adults are concentrating on all of those highly anticipated season and series premieres — but we think it’s time to devote some attention to the deliciously dark and downright bizarre children’s entertainment from around the world. Our roundup of creepy kids’ TV shows, past and present, is after the jump. … Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. The Washington Monument — along with the 100-foot radius around it — has been shut down indefinitely after yesterday’s earthquake caused structural damage “at the very, very top” of the structure. [via Gizmodo]

2. A soul singer named Syl Johnson is planning to take legal action against Kanye West and Jay-Z for… Read More

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