Ron Swanson

The Pleasures of Watching Ron Swanson Evolve

Parks and Recreation ends its seven-season run Tuesday night on NBC. To celebrate the show’s unforgettable characters, Flavorwire is publishing a series of tributes to our favorite Pawnee residents. Click here to follow our coverage.

Any look back at the evolution of Parks and Recreation will reveal that the character of Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman), the do-nothing libertarian boss of the show’s idealistic lead, Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler), was originally written as a villain. If Leslie was all hope and faith in politics and the ability to make a difference in the world, Ron was both a vocal opponent and the ultimate example of government bloat — a man committed to making sure that nothing ever got accomplished. … Read More

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Does Science Prove You Belong in Pawnee? : Links You Need To See

Have you ever felt like you belonged in another city? That your life was drab and boring, and if you could just save up the money and find a way out of this small town that your life would just be so much better? Well, science says you’re right. Some people are apparently more suited to people-watching in a Parisian cafe and others are more suited to a quick stroll in Central Park. Hopefully Buzzfeed is preparing its servers for the inevitable flood of people who’ll want to take their fate-deciding quizzes. … Read More

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Enjoy the Many Emotions of Ron Swanson

Kick on your countdown clocks: we’re less than a week away from the one-hour season six premiere of Parks… Read More

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Required Reading List: Ron Swanson

“I cannot remember the books I’ve read any more than the meals I have eaten,” Ralph Waldo Emerson famously quipped, “even so, they have made me.” In this bi-weekly series, Flavorwire plays professor to some of everyone’s favorite pop culture characters, assigning reading lists tailored to their temperaments or — in some cases — designed to make them into slightly better people. After all, even fictional characters can have their lives changed by books. Or so we imagine. This week, in advance of Father’s Day, a few recommendations for dad-of-your-dreams (and, apparently, father-to-be) Ron Swanson. … Read More

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Muppets Take Spring Break and Winter Is Coming to America in Our Exclusive Pop Culture Mash-up Posters

Here at Flavorwire, we love us some illustrated movie posters. So, we decided to make a handful of our own — except our chosen films don’t actually exist outside of our daydreams. To spice things up, we took a few of our favorite pop culture things and mashed them up with other pop culture things to create an illustrated series of bizarre pop culture mash-up… Read More

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Exclusive: Treat Yo’ Self to Our ‘Parks and Recreation’ Cocktails

Here at Flavorpill, we love us some Parks and Rec. We also love cocktails, so it was only a matter of time before we figured out how to combine the two. At last — ladies and gentlemen, it’s our pleasure to introduce our very own Pawnee-themed, illustrated cocktail recipes. With some help from this author’s hometown pal and talented mixologist Mick Matricciano (who was recently named the creator of Charleston’s best cocktail, so we promise these will be especially tasty), we’re bringing you everything from an alcoholic bacon and egg concoction to a “snake juice” bomb. Treat yo’ self to our seven delicious drinks, then hit the comments to do some tipsy typing. … Read More

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Nick Offerman Teaches You How to Grow a Moustache

“My moustache grows with such rampant, perpetual virility, that we need to trim it 3 or 4 times a day during filming,” Nick Offerman revealed during an AMA on Reddit earlier this year. “It was cool at first (grade school), but to be honest, it’s getting old.” At this point, we’d argue that Ron Swanson’s lustrous moustache is more than just character defining facial hair. It’s a bit of pop culture history. And so, we can think of no better unofficial spokesperson for Movember, an annual month-long charity event that’s all about growing moustaches to help raise money for men’s health initiatives. In the video below, Offerman explains how he cultivated his own soup-strainer, a tale that involves Scottish sheep herders, Tibetan monks, and whale oil. Oh, and eating raw onions, peel and all. Because, why not? … Read More

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A Special Message from Ron Swanson About the Bacon Shortage

Readers, are you worried about the worldwide bacon shortage the media has been hyping for the past few weeks? Never fear, the world’s greatest bacon enthusiast is on the case with some tips on how to survive. In a one-minute video that makes us feel slightly better about having to miss a week of Parks and Rec because of some political debate or whatever, Ron Swanson advises us, “Do not panic. There is time if you act immediately.” And then he shows us how to hide smoked, cured meat all over our office. Apparently, it helps to have a Tom Haverford handy. (P.S. Seriously, don’t worry. The bacon shortage probably isn’t going to happen.) … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we got to know an artist who paints with blood. We learned about that time the Rolling Stones hung out at Andy Warhol’s East Hampton pad. We browsed some alternative Shakespeare book covers. We wondered what Joe Biden was whispering to this biker lady.… Read More

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