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The Competition Heats Up For Seven Actresses Vying For the Female Lead of ‘True Detective’

True Detective season two remains shrouded in mystery and rumors now, with the idea that it’s taking place in California… Read More

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‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill For’ and the Woes of the Long-Delayed Sequel

When the first Sin City movie was released, George W. Bush had just begun his second term. Pope John Paul II died during its opening weekend; Hunter S. Thompson had taken his own life about six weeks earlier. People were talking about Terri Schiavo. Doctor Who had just returned to television after a 16-year absence, and Dan Rather and Peter Jennings had just anchored their final evening newscasts. The #1 single in the country was 50 Cent’s “Candy Shop.” Hitch, Million Dollar Baby, and Miss Congeniality 2 were still in theaters. Sin City opened against the Queen Latifah vehicle Beauty Shop, but neither film’s trailer was unveiled on YouTube, which would not launch until three weeks after their release date. In other words, the first Sin City came out a long, long time ago, and while the duration between that film and its sequel Sin City: A Dame to Kill For doesn’t fully explain the new film’s flaws, it’s quite instructive when examining the reactions to them. … Read More

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Flavorwire’s Guide to Movies You Need to Stream This Week

Welcome to Flavorwire’s streaming movie guide, in which we help you sift through the scores of movies streaming on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and other services to find the best of the recently available, freshly relevant, or soon to expire. This week, there’s great stuff from Leonardo DiCaprio, Julianne Moore, Carey Mulligan, Greta Gerwig, Alexander Skarsgård, Guy Pearce, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Tobey Maguire, Steve Coogan, Billy Bob Thornton, Robert Duvall, Christopher Walken, Ben Stiller, Rosario Dawson, and more. Check them out after the jump, and follow the title links to watch them right now. … Read More

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Rosario Dawson Is Making It So Hard to Be a DC Gossip Columnist

When asked which jobs I’d likely never try out, a few come to mind: zookeeper, trash collector, PA on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. One that has never seemed an option was Washington, DC gossip columnist. Having grown up relatively close to the nation’s capitol, there wasn’t much about the city that seemed very exotic or exciting, and one would assume that the gossip would always focus on boring old white men with political power who sleep around. (For me, DC gossip peaked when Nora Ephron broke up with Carl Bernstein, not just because her autobiographical novel Heartburn was made into a great movie starring Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson, but because it was more about the woman on whom a man cheated, rather than a bunch of gossipy details of the boring sex that man likely had.) It looks like we’re in dire need of a Beltway sex scandal, because the DC columnists are setting their claws in a much more unlikely subject: Rosario Dawson. … Read More

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‘The Guardian’ Asks Artists, Scientists, Thinkers What They’d Like to See Next in Fight for Women’s Rights

One hundred years ago, suffragette Emily Davison died throwing herself in front of King George V’s horse at Epsom Derby.… Read More

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The Fascinating Failure of Danny Boyle’s ‘Trance’

Who knew A-list directors were so into erotic thrillers? First came Steven Soderbergh’s Side Effects, in which the retiring filmmaker brought his cool gaze and offhand naturalism to a story that was, he openly admitted, in the grand tradition of Fatal Attraction and Jagged Edge. And now we have Trance, in which Trainspotting and Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle does the sleek-and-sexy dance, as Rosario Dawson falls in and out of James McAvoy and Vincent Cassell’s impeccably designed, neon-lit beds. It’s trashy fun, to a point, but what’s most intriguing about stacking Boyle and Soderbergh’s films up against each other is how they succeed and fail in very nearly the same fashion: compelling setup, terrific vibe, lousy payoff. … Read More

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Flavorwire’s Guide to Indie Flicks to See in September

September is kind of a peculiar month for movies. Summer blockbuster season has faded, and though the Oscar hopefuls are rolling out at the prestige fall festivals (Toronto, Venice, Telluride), most of them won’t hit theaters until at least October, to accommodate the notoriously short memories of Academy voters. So it’s a perfect month to check out some of the mid-level indies (many of them first seen at Sundance and other, earlier fests) that will hit arthouses this month; we’ve got some recommendations for you after the jump. … Read More

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This Week in Trailers: Arnie, Sly, “Red Dawn,” and Things Unrelated to the ’80s

Every Friday here at Flavorwire, we like to gather up the week’s new movie trailers, give them a look-see, and rank them from worst to best — while taking a guess or two about what they might tell us (or hide from us) about the movies they’re promoting. We’ve got eight new trailers for you this week, featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Channing Tatum, Sylvester Stallone, Christopher Walken, Colin Farrell, Chris Hemsworth, Olivia Wilde, Rosario Dawson, Eric Bana, Justin Long, Paul Dano, and more; check ‘em all out after the jump, and share your thoughts in the comments. … Read More

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The Fug Report: Highs and Lows from the Week in Fashion

Editor’s note: Welcome to The Fug Report! Each week our fashion blogger friends Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, the sartorial geniuses behind Go Fug Yourself, will feature some of the most memorable looks of the week in this space. We hope you enjoy it!

This week on Go Fug Yourself, we examined … Read More

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Quote of Day: Is Rosario Dawson Juno’s Baby?

“My family is a trip — they’re amazing, but they’re a case study unto themselves. My way of rebelling in life is to be conservative in my behavior because my mom is so radical. She’d go to P.T.A. meetings with a huge nose ring and I used to say, ‘Can’t you just wear the stud… Read More

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