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The Best and Worst Documentaries of the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival

Falling as close as it does on the calendar to Sundance and SXSW, the Tribeca Film Festival — which ended yesterday — doesn’t always get the first picks and highest-profile of narrative movies. But for years now, those who attend and cover the fest have watched it quietly become one of the best showcases around for documentary film, and this year’s 14th annual installment was no exception. Your film editor took in 21 of the nonfiction entries, and there’s barely a dud in the bunch; here’s a brief overview of what to keep an eye out for. … Read More

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Roseanne Barr on Democracy, Weed, and Her ‘Roseanne for President’ Documentary

In retrospect, perhaps the surprising thing isn’t that Roseanne Barr ran for president — it’s that it wasn’t a bigger deal. After all, if you told anyone back in 1990 or so that Roseanne was gonna run for president, they’d probably lose their minds, as you would if Amy Schumer or Louis C.K. decided to run today. That’s how big she was; her eponymous sitcom was the number one show on television, she was splashed across magazine covers, and she was one of the biggest stand-up acts in the country. And yet, in 2012, she lost the Green Party nomination to Dr. Jill Stein. Who? Exactly. … Read More

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The 30 Harshest Comedian-on-Comedian Insults in History

Continuing our beloved series, Flavorwire looks into the rivalries, feuds, frenmities, and good-natured(ish) ribbing of an industry filled with the fragile egos, big personalities, and sharp wits that make for excellent insults: comedy. From Comedy Central roasts to Jay ‘n’ Conan to Twitter spats, there’s no shortage of verbal spats out there, but here’s a selection of the very best. Spoiler: there’s little love lost between Chevy Chase and, well, everyone else. … Read More

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10 Celebrities We Wish Would Quit Twitter

Former married couple Roseanne Barr and Tom Arnold recently destroyed each other on Twitter over, well, divorced couple stuff. Barr was not happy after Arnold tweeted about giving his old wedding videos to Goodwill, and the resulting feud was not just biting (“I’ve got old wedding videos from several women. Why you think it’s all about YOU? Good lord I feel sorry for Monsanto with you on their asses”), but pretty depressing. It was like listening to your parents fight, and hearing it all through social media made it that much worse. Both of them could probably use a break from Twitter, as well as the following ten celebrities. … Read More

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‘Portlandia’s’ Amazing Season Three Guests Include Bill Hader and Many More

We already know that Chloë Sevigny will be taking a break from her gory turn on American Horror Story to join the third season of Portlandia as Fred and Carrie’s roommate. EW is reporting that the Big Love actress will be in good company. Guest spots for the upcoming season will feature the likes of… Read More

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10 Actors Who Couldn’t Shake Their Most Memorable TV Roles

A truly great TV character doesn’t cease to exist when his show ends — he remains entirely real in the memory of fans and, in some cases, the consciousness of a culture he helped shape. Whether you loved or hated Will & Grace, that’s certainly true of Will Truman, who became Middle America’s first gay best friend (an archetype that we hasten to add is troubling in itself) around the turn of the millennium. The question is, can the actor who portrayed Will, Eric McCormack, shake his association with the character to make viewers believe him as neuroscientist Daniel Pierce in the new TNT crime drama Perception? Although we’re pulling for McCormack, we can’t ignore the curse that tends to befall stars who are best known for playing a certain iconic and/or distinct TV character. After the jump, we round up 10 actors who haven’t managed to shake their most memorable roles. … Read More

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Comedy Central Is Roasting Roseanne

Outspoken comedian Roseanne Barr is a polarizing pop culture figure, but frequent readers of Flavorwire know that we feel like the funny lady we grew up watching on TV can do no wrong — and that includes her recent, short-lived reality show Roseanne’s Nuts. With the disappointing news that Downwardly Mobile,… Read More

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Watch Louis CK, Roseanne, Joel McHale and More Read Their Followers' Meanest Tweets

Twitter is freaking weird. Where else can you share your thoughts on celebrities with the knowledge that they may actually read them — or even respond? It’s all sweet and uncomplicated when you’re tweeting your admiration, but when you’re criticizing — or just plain hating — things can get a bit sticky. Famous people have feelings, too, after all. Last night, in celebration of Twitter’s sixth birthday, they aired those reactions in a very funny Jimmy Kimmel Live! video where they read some of the meanest tweets they’ve received. Joel McHale calls out a detractor who pronounces him a “huge d-bag” for not spelling out “douche”; Roseanne deadpans, “Hey Roseanne, get a life”; and Anna Faris learns that if you replace the “I” in her last name with a “T,” you get “farts.” But Will Ferrell pretty much steals the show, because he’s on the toilet. Watch, chuckle, and then think before you call a comedian names on Twitter. Because, you know, she’s probably funnier than you. … Read More

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The Most Promising Network TV Pilots of 2012

Now that they’ve gotten their mid-season shows off the ground, it’s pilot-buyin’ time for the major networks. That means that, in the past few weeks, we’ve been deluged with news about shows in development, with headlines featuring such names as Louis C.K., Mindy Kaling, J.J. Abrams, and Roseanne Barr. Thankfully, for those of us who’ve had some trouble keeping up, The Hollywood Reporter was kind enough to post a full list of what we can look forward to from ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, and The CW in the 2012-13 season. Since that roundup is still pretty daunting, we’ve narrowed the list to the 11 shows we’re most looking forward to; check them out and find out why we can’t to see them after the jump. … Read More

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