12 Beach Day Essentials

The only thing worse than sand in your suit is hitting the beach unprepared. If you’re planning to hop in the car, head for the coast, and catch a little surf this weekend, pack these shareable beach day essentials, and you and your friends will have a blast. Make sure to stock your stylish new cooler with Red Bull Multipacks to keep your whole crew’s energy up. Turn your beach day into an epic beach night. … Read More

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15 Backyard BBQ Essentials

Summer for us means grillin’ out and chillin’ out. Make sure you’re BBQing at the very top (or at least the most chic) of your game with these great BBQ essentials. From a customized boule set to a solar-powered radio, you and your friends will have just about everything you need to share in a sweet summer backyard BBQ. Just don’t forget the equally shareable Red Bull Multipacks — they’ll help the party last that much longer. … Read More

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10 Whimsical Upside-Down Houses

As the young heroine of our favorite title in the literary nonsense genre proclaimed, “if I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrariwise, what it is, it wouldn’t be, and what it wouldn’t be, it would.” In keeping with the nonsensical theme, we’ve explored one of the weirdest design genres that we can’t quite wrap our heads around: the upside-down house.

We think the architects behind these wacky creations must have had Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in mind; after all, who hasn’t been inspired by Lewis Carroll’s timeless tale of falling down a rabbit hole into a land where it’s always time for tea, solicitous caterpillars smoke hookahs, and turtles, lobsters and fictional beasts square dance. From Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle’s take on a famous work of uncompleted architecture to a capsized cabin in California to an upside down house complete with an inverted car park, click through to check out our dizzying roundup of overturned architecture. Could you ever live in a house flipped on it’s head? … Read More

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Readers’ Choice: 10 More Beautiful Train Stations from Around the World

A few weeks ago we set out on a virtual adventure to find the most beautiful train stations in the world. Our imaginations were set adrift by the romance of train travel and we were left daydreaming about frolicking in exotic indoor botanical gardens, dancing with whirling dervishes, and having high tea in colonial era waiting rooms before catching the Orient Express to Constantinople. The more we learn about one of the greatest ways to travel the world, the more we can’t believe that this enchanting mode of transport was predicted to be replaced by what was supposed to be a sexier, more efficient alternative: air travel. If you’ve flown anywhere lately you know that the airport experience today is a far cry from the much more civilized approach to globe-trotting represented by the drop dead gorgeous constructions we’ve rounded up here.

To fuel our new obsession with traveling by train, we decided to expand on our original list with the help of you, dear reader. After an overwhelming response, we’ve picked our ten favorites from the stations nominated by you to be the most beautiful in the world. Click through to see what made the cut, and feel free to add more of your favorites in the comments below. … Read More

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Extraordinary Travel Trailer Interiors to Inspire Your Inner Nomad

The travel trailer has come a long way since Wally Byam began making them out of masonite in his backyard in Los Angeles during the late 1920s. Inspired by his time spent working as a shepherd and living out of a “two-wheeled cart outfitted with a kerosene cook stove, a sleeping bag, and wash pail,” Wally – a man way ahead of his time – went from self-publishing a DIY magazine with articles on building a modern travel trailer to owning the Airstream Trailer Co.

Wally’s last trailer was his most extraordinary: a trailer sheathed in gold anodized aluminum “outfitted for high adventure in Africa and beyond.” We think he’d be proud to know that passionate nomads continue to push the limits of his iconic design. From Ralph Lauren’s stunningly appointed Adirondack-inspired version in Telluride, Colorado to El Cosmico, Liz Lambert’s modern collection of travel trailers in Marfa, Texas celebrating an “exodus from a world of urgency”, to the Magnolia Pearl, a luxe bohemian mobile shop complete with a freestanding salvaged galvanized bathtub, click through to check out our roundup of the most inspired travel trailer renovations out there today. … Read More

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A Cross Country Tour of Mind-Blowing Tourist Caves

One of the most stunning — albeit weird — examples of design in nature, tourist caves are a fascinating hybrid of kitschy roadside Americana and wondrous natural splendor. These unconventional attractions combine things like stalagtite ballrooms and underground wedding chapels with faux-Tudor architecture, patriotic son-et-lumière shows and awesome retro View-Masters for stereoscopic sightseeing that beat anything James Cameron could ever do.

We first discovered this subgenre of odd tourist destinations in the The Center for Land Use Interpretation’s comprehensive online database. A self-proclaimed “research and education organization interested in understanding the nature and extent of human interaction with the earth’s surface,” or, in layman’s terms, an offbeat cultural CIA tracking the many wacky things we humans put on this earth, CLUI is our newest learned obsession.

Starting with Howe Caverns, New York’s second-most-visited natural attraction, complete with a guided boat tour on an underground lake, and ending with a cave in New Mexico that’s famous for its bat amphitheater, we invite you to take a minute out of your day and join us on a virtual trip across our great nation to check out some of the most original natural design inspiration we’ve ever seen. Then (because we’re dying to know more), tell us about any real-world cave experiences you’ve had in the comments below! … Read More

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Clubhopping 1: Three Dance Tracks to Start Your Weekend Right

It’s Friday, and chances are you’re going clubhopping this weekend. So we’d like to help. Each week, we’ll be selecting three hot current dance jams for you — tracks to add to your weekend playlist, or to ID when you’re moving to them on a crowded dance floor. Just to make it a little easier, we’ve added YouTube embeds for each song, as well as some notes on what they mean in the larger scheme of things. … Read More

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10 Viral Links to Close the Day

1. Why Is Kanye Mad at SNL? We’re willing to forgive his anger due to how much we love his new single, “Power.”
2. Writers for Conan O’Brien Get Their Own Show (for a Night) – No word on whether Jay Leno will get this canceled, too.
3. Opera Makes Fun of Google Chrome Speed Test – Although pretty hilarious, we decided that we’re going to have to stick with Chrome.
4. The Various Hairs of Nicolas Cage – As we typically tend to avoid Cage productions, we had difficulty naming the movies these crazy “do’s” are from.
5. Pogo’s “Gardyn” – Almost as good as the song is Pogo’s garden. We want that garden! … Read More

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The 35 Best Dance Sequences in Film

Forget the so-so acting and formulaic plots — there is a long and illustrious history of great dance moments captured on film. Be it Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire tap dancing, John Travolta doing the disco, Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray practicing lifts in the water, or Julia Stiles fusing ballet and hip hop, everyone has a favorite dance scene that they have tried to memorize and perform. After the jump, we have compiled our favorite dance scenes from film in chronological order. We’re willing to bet you won’t stay in your chair for long. … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: Link That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we gawked at Spencer Tunick’s latest naked photography project at the Sydney Opera House. We wondered what would happen if Community were more like Friends. We made plans to see both Alec Baldwin in an upcoming Long Island production of Equus and William Kentridge’s crazy directorial debut, a… Read More

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