Full Metal Meditation: Heavy Music for Your Next Spiritual Journey

If you’re one of the many admirers who discovered Sunn O))) through last year’s galaxy-shaking Monoliths and Dimensions, then you understand the soothing effects of doom metal. As the band’s guitarist Greg Anderson told author and enthusiast John Wray in a 2006 New York Times Magazine profile, “I think low-frequency sound, when played above a certain volume, is very conducive to a meditative state or a trance.” This isn’t metal for headbanging; it’s metal to meditate… Read More

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Apple, Apple Everywhere: 10 Mac-Happy Products

When it comes to Macs, we all tend to get a bit crazy. Some of us wait in line overnight for the new iPhone, while others scour the Internet for the latest Apple eReader buzz. So it came as no surprise when techies started buzzing about a Swedish company’s newest addition to the bedroom. Meet what we’re calling the iBed – a 21st century alternative for the man who refuses to update his Batman sheets. More mac-spiration after thejump.… Read More

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Which Variation on the Snuggie Is Right For You?

There’s no debating that 2009 was the year of the Snuggie. TV personalities — from Oprah to Jimmy Fallon to the cast of the Today Show — endorsed the sleeved blanket. There were parodies, imitators, and pub crawls. Even fictional characters (we’re looking at you Liz Lemon) sang its praises. But as we all know, you can’t stay on top forever. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of possible contenders to takeover in 2010 where the Snuggie left off. Which one will you be wearing? … Read More

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RIP: Curtis Allina, The Man Behind the Pez Dispenser

Pez man Curtis Allina may not have lived to see what is to come of the 2010’s decade (he passed in December), but his candy remains a constant fixture to date. And although the kitschy dispensers may have changed from classic Viennese busts of Mozart to the big-lipped and overly rouged Bratz dolls, we appreciate the reflection of culture with each and every backwards snap of a head. Check out our round-up of the weirdest Pez dispensers, and add yours to our… Read More

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Wanted: DIY Lady Gaga Barbie Dolls

Earlier today someone sent us a link to Mattel’s Alfred Hitchcock The Birds Barbie Doll, and we thought it was the best thing we’d ever seen. And then we stumbled across this roundup of handcrafted Lady Gaga Barbies on Refinery29, and our mind exploded. Veik, the 29-year-old Beijing-based artist behind the dolls explained to Joonbug why he chose Gaga as his muse: “Just look at her in those amazing wigs, makeup, and outfits! I was thinking it would be fun to make those wigs for dolls, and that a Lady Gaga doll must be interesting. Since then, I pay close attention to her; her music, clothes, glasses, makeup, everything! Every detail makes me love her more and more.”

Peep ’em after the jump and let us know which one is your… Read More

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Looking Back: Five Years of Artkrush Covers

Artkrush launched in March 2005 with a mission to cover the most innovative art and design coming out of cultural capitals worldwide. We’ve featured art fairs, biennials, and roundups of recent trends; reviewed shows from Mumbai to Moscow; highlighted the hottest emerging talents; interviewed the day’s sharpest artists, designers, and curators; and reported on breaking art and design news and essential publications. Looking back, to mark the end of the decade and our own first half-decade, we’ve compiled five years of Artkrush covers into a sparkling, new slideshow. … Read More

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The Culture Roundup to End All Roundups

You may have noticed a profusion of year-end and decade-end lists floating around this here blog and the across the internet landscape. The Aughts brought us many things: social media, terrorism, the death of print media, Google dominance, design for the masses, locavore eating, and Barack Obama. We’ve already shown you a handy visual diagram of the years 2000-2009, but now it’s time to expand the focus with a meta roundup to end all roundups: our ten favorite lists that encapsulate the best and worst of our present age.… Read More

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Design Porn: Bookshelves

Welcome to the latest edition of Design Porn, Flavorpill’s regular roundup of all things drool-worthy. Odds are whether you’re a reader or not, you received a few new books over the holidays. That’s why we’re geeking out a bit in this week’s installment and focusing on an underloved (but totally essential) piece of furniture: the bookshelf. Take a look at the 10 gems we’ve rounded up after the jump, and let us know which one looks like the perfect home for your collection. … Read More

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What’s on at Flavorpill: Links That Made the Rounds in our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we wore a White Castle Couch Pouch. We hoped never to cross paths with this drunken, thieving, cross-dressing Tennessee toddler. We checked out MOG’s top 50 albums of 2009 and Ghostly’s 110 favorite albums of the decade. Our hearts were warmed by this YouTube success story. We… Read More

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What’s on at Flavorpill: Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we examined the current decade in logos, and then we learned about the 10 industries that will lose the most jobs in the next decade. We dreamed of having a Google princess fairytale wedding. We watched MIT scientists reinvent the wheel. We imagined holding a meeting in an… Read More

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