Rupert Everett

What Growing Up Without Gay Role Models Taught Me About Empathy

I wish I could remember the first gay person I was aware of. My own realization didn’t start to form until I was a teenager, and as someone born in the early ‘80s, there weren’t many gay people on my radar in terms of movie and TV characters. Sure, as an adult I can look back at some of the movies I loved as a kid and see some fairly queer characters, although they’re mostly Disney villains. One doesn’t automatically relate to a fey, evil, slightly British tiger, after all. … Read More

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Rupert Everett to Direct Oscar Wilde Biopic

Rupert Everett clearly has a thing for Oscar Wilde. He’s starred in two movies adapted from the fin-de-siècle author’s works, The Importance of Being Earnest and An Ideal Husband, and has been active in the restoration of his tomb. Now, Variety is reporting the news from Cannes that he’s directing and starring in… Read More

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The Ten Best Sherlocks (That You’ve Probably Never Seen)

Basil Rathbone, in the 40s; Peter Cushing, in the 50s and 60s, plus a last gasp in the 80s; Jeremy Brett, in the 80s and 90s; and now Benedict Cumberbatch, edging out Robert Downey Jr in the 21st century. Everyone’s favourite Sherlock Holmes is surely one of the above – at the expense of so many other of their deer-stalking, pipe-puffing, violin-scraping kin, who almost always get overlooked. To attempt to fix that terrible problem, Alan Barnes, author of Sherlock Holmes On Screen, which comes out this week, presents, in chronological order, ten criminally under-rated Great Detectives for your reconsideration. Click through to check out his picks, and let us know your own favorite incarnation of the famous sleuth in the comments! … Read More

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Our 10 Favorite Unlikely Celebrity Songbirds

Pigs may not fly and hell may not have frozen over yet, but seeing some of our favorite Hollywood A-listers suddenly belt out a tune on-screen can feel like the equivalent. Sure, you may have been nominated for an Academy Award, Jeff Bridges and Kate Hudson, but can you carry a tune? Apparently, you can! A look at some of our other favorite musical/acting savants after the… Read More

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