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10 Album Covers You Didn’t Know Were Created by Famous Artists

Sure, everybody knows that Andy Warhol did the artwork to The Velvet Underground and Nico and Sticky Fingers, and that Annie Leibovitz did the cover shot for Born in the USA. But honestly, from what you read on the Internet sometimes, you’d think they’re the only two artists to have ever moonlighted in designing record covers. That’s of course not the case at all — plenty of other renowned artists have been responsible for cover artwork over the years. Indeed, we’ve addressed this topic before, but with Grizzly Bear’s Shields out this week — complete with a sleeve featuring a painting by figurative painter Richard Diebenkorn — we thought we’d have a look at some other great record sleeves you may not have known were designed by famous contemporary artists. Did we miss any? … Read More

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10 Famous Artists Who Should Have Their Own Reality TV Show

“For the past three years I’ve been an intern at Eli Klein Fine Art,” says one of the characters on Bravo’s Gallery Girls by way of introduction. This should give you a good idea of what the reality series, which premieres Monday at 10 pm, entails: a handful of pretty young women trying to make their way in the New York art world despite multiple indications that it may not be the best path for them. Pitting the blonde Upper East Siders with fabulously wealthy parents and apparently permanent internships against Brooklyn brunettes on the verge of opening their own gallery/boutique (also with the help of family money), its relationship to art is roughly the same as The Hills’ was to journalism.

In other words, if you like to watch rich girls pick fights with each other and call their dads while soaking in a bubble bath (really), Gallery Girls is for you. But its lack of actual art world relevance got us thinking about what kinds of art-related reality shows we’d rather see — along with Bravo’s fun competition series, Work of Art, of course. It occurred to us that there is no shortage of fascinating, entertaining, and controversial personalities in contemporary art, so we hope you’ll excuse us for mixing the highbrow with the low in this list of famous artists who would make great reality stars. … Read More

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Watch Ryan McGinley’s Video for Sigur Rós’ “Varúð”

For the latest installment of Sigur Rós’ Valtari Mystery Film Experiment, photographer Ryan McGinley has created a visual accompaniment for “Varúð” that, unlike the original music video for the song, features a golden-haired girl skipping her way around New York City. The most surprising part, given that this is McGinley we’re talking about? She’s actually wearing clothes! “I wanted to bring a childhood innocence to the streets, through a character whose own light and wonder effects the world around her,” he explains. “I’m always interested in an atmosphere where dreams and reality mingle on equal terms.” Click through to check out the strange-but-pretty clip, which we spotted over on Stereogum, now. … Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. Sally Ride, who in 1983 became the first American woman in space on the Challenger shuttle, died yesterday at the age of 61 following a 17-month battle with pancreatic cancer. [via NPR]

2. Exciting news for science fiction fans: J.J. Abrams and Edgar Wright are teaming up on a new film called… Read More

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Preview Ryan McGinley’s New Career-Spanning Monograph [NSFW]

The youngest artist ever to have a solo show at the Whitney Museum of American Art — way back in 2003, when he was only 25 — Ryan McGinley has been a radical darling of the art world ever since. A chronicler of edgy youth culture, McGinley started out documenting his pals populating New York’s downtown art scene and then broadened his focus with summer road trips that captured free spirited, often-naked, guys and gals running through wide open landscapes, exploring underground caves, jumping off cliffs, climbing trees, and cuddling with creatures of the wild. His young, sexy models are willing to do whatever daredevil tricks deemed necessary to make the photos click.

Capsulizing the whole breadth of his career, Rizzoli has just released a large-scale monograph — titled Whistle for the Wind — that brings together McGinley’s colorful imagery in a visually compelling design and features a chummy conversation between the venturesome photographer and the equally adventurous filmmaker Gus Van Sant. “Whomever I’m photographing, I sort of fall in love with, or rather my camera falls in love with them,” the artist tells Van Sant. “It could be a boy or a girl, because it’s all a fantasy. It’s fiction.” Click through to view some of our favorite fictions from the book — compliments of McGinley’s keen eye and his camera’s loving lens. … Read More

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15 Portraits of Famous Musicians by Famous Artists and Photographers

One of the benefits of being a famous, successful, admired musician — besides being famous, successful, and admired — is having your portrait made by an artist of stature. Wouldn’t you like to see how you translate into an iconic Andy Warhol or be dotingly dotted into a Chuck Close original? Well, too bad. You’re not Blondie or Philip Glass. From Basquiat’s tribute to Charlie Parker to Roger Ballen’s supreme badassiffication of Die Antwoord, here’s a slideshow of famous musicians as painted, shot, sculpted, abstracted, and silkscreened by famous artists and photographers. … Read More

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Vintage Postcards of Inspiring Motel Room Interiors

There’s no doubt that The Great American Roadtrip is making a comeback in a big way. Maybe it has something to do with a certain cult hipster photographer’s nude EuroVan adventures that, as New York Magazine reported, reveled with “charming dissoluteness in roadside motels, in hot springs, and among scratchy bushes.” Then again, maybe it’s just that we’ve collectively arrived back at the inevitable realization that the freedom of the open road and the autonomy of wide open plains is something we fundamentally need to soothe our urban souls.

The world’s first motel was built in 1925 in San Luis Obispo, California by one Arthur Heineman. A man with a vision, Heineman predicted the demand for affordable, dependable roadside lodging that was a step above the trendy auto camps of the time.

Roadsidepictures, Flickr superstar and, according to his profile, Kansas City school district maintenance worker, has amassed an impressive archive of all things related to the golden age of car culture. His scans of vintage motel room postcards from roadside America’s heyday caught our eye not only because they satisfy our insatiable appetite for quirky mid-century design, but also because the comfortable aesthetic is a far cry from the sterile, banal motel we love to hate today.

Click through to be surprisingly inspired by the dreamy, colorful and intimate design of the motels of America’s past. It has us wondering, when did motels lose their charm? Who will be the next design pioneer to restore them to their former glory? … Read More

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Check Out New Work from Ryan McGinley [NSFW]

Say what you want about the lack of variety in Ryan McGinley’s oeuvre, but we can’t resist ogling the images anytime that he releases something new. Plus, there’s something to be said for his aesthetic’s influence on the photography world as a whole, and the fact that he remains one the youngest artists to have a solo show at the Whitney Museum. “My photographs are about removal: bringing people to nondescript locations, to places that aren’t recognizable, removing their clothes, capturing them with a very limited style palette,” he explained. “I try to think about how timelessness, isolation, and style interact.” Click through to check out a slideshow of the seven large scale photographs from his latest series, Wandering Comma, an “optimistic” title which McGinley says “refers to a kind of fluttering butterfly,” and let us know what you think of his shtick in the comments. … Read More

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Ridiculous Ryan McGinley Copyright Lawsuit Dismissed

The first time we heard about the copyright lawsuit against photographer Ryan McGinley, we decided it was pretty ridiculous. Now, thankfully, a federal judge agrees. Judge Richard J. Sullivan has ruled against artist/musician Janine Gordon (aka JahJah), who claimed that no fewer than 150 of McGinley’s images were “substantially based” on hers. McGinley… Read More

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What's On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we considered starting a collection of celebrity finger puppets. We wished that we could get our hands on Jane Austen’s unpublished manuscript for a novel called The Watsons that’s going up for auction at Sotheby’s in London tomorrow — but sadly, we don’t have $330,000 to spare. We… Read More

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