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Ryan Murphy & ‘Glee’ Co-Creators Working on Anthology Series ‘Scream Queens’

Ryan Murphy is keeping pretty busy: in his spare time away from turning familiar horrendous crimes in American history into… Read More

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Where the Hell Is Kathy Bates’ ‘American Horror Story’ Accent From? A Linguist Explains

The takeaway moment from Wednesday night’s American Horror Story: Freak Show premiere was, justifiably, Jessica Lange’s cover of David Bowie’s “Life on Mars?,” complete with powder-blue pantsuit. Lange once again plays the lead in the anthology series; this time, she’s Elsa Mars, freak-show proprietress, failed (but glamorous!) actress, and German expatriate. Mysterious as Elsa may be, though, at least we know where she’s from. The same definitely cannot be said for Ethel Darling, the bearded lady played by Kathy Bates. … Read More

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‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ Premiere Recap: “Monsters Among Us”

The year is 1952. The town is Jupiter, Florida. The intro credits are reminiscent of The Brothers Quay. And this is Ryan Murphy’s twisted vision of Norman Rockwell’s idealized America. … Read More

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‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’: More Campy, Wildly Uneven Fun From Ryan Murphy

By now, as we enter the fourth installation of the American Horror Story franchise, everything Ryan Murphy puts on the screen has become the norm. With any show, there’s an understandable struggle to keep storylines feeling new from season to season, but Murphy’s unique twists and memorable characters add an extra level of difficulty. When you start off really weird, how do you keep getting weirder without it becoming desperate or laughable? For Murphy, the answer is: you get freaky — really, really freaky. … Read More

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Today in “You Do You, Ryan Murphy”: FX Orders ‘American Crime Story: The People v. OJ Simpson’

The first rule of the Ryan Murphy universe is that there are no rules; the second is that nothing is… Read More

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Overanalyzing the ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ Trailer

Nobody watches Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story for consistency: apart from the anthology show’s varied settings and levels of quality from season to season, individual episodes and characters waver with such gusto that it can sometimes feel like we’re watching American Horror Story: Foreign Policy. So to predict, from a mere one-minute trailer, what the fuck is going to happen on the next season of TV’s worst self-editor seems like a wildly futile task. But it is a wildly futile task that simply must be taken on. … Read More

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Jessica Lange to Cover Lana Del Rey on ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’

American Horror Story, perhaps best known for putting the term “jump the shark” to rest with its weekly…jumping of the shark,… Read More

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Everything We Know About ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’

Whether you love it or hate it or have uncomfortable mixed feelings about it, Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story anthology series has been a fascinating watch. It reboots itself every season, allowing Murphy and co. to create different, and scarier, stories every year. From ghosts to aliens to witches, Murphy keeps finding new ways to outdo himself. Season 4 will center on the performers at a carnival freak show, an already-controversial premise that is making AHS one of the most anticipated returning shows of the year. American Horror Story: Freak Show premieres in October. Here’s everything we know about the season so far.  … Read More

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HBO’s ‘The Normal Heart’ Is a Flawed Film — But an Important One

Larry Kramer wouldn’t shut his mouth. It’s probably because of his outspoken nature, the bridges he burned and the politicians he pissed off, that the government’s recognition of the AIDS epidemic — an acknowledgement that didn’t come soon enough — turned what for years was misunderstood as a plague that only affected a small population of unfortunates (i.e., gay men) into a disease that the average American knows does not discriminate based on sexuality or race. Kramer’s work in the early ’80s, both as a founding member of Gay Men’s Health Crisis and the author of the monumental off-Broadway play The Normal Heart (which had its New York premiere in April 1985, nearly 15 months before President Reagan publicly acknowledged the crisis for the first time), was an indelible asset to the early days of HIV/AIDS awareness. As his autobiographical play, now getting the star-studded HBO film treatment, asserts, Kramer’s efforts were, for years, overshadowed by his rabble-rousing and the government’s indifference to the disease that was affecting millions. … Read More

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Watch HBO’s ‘The Normal Heart’ Trailer Starring Mark Ruffalo and Julia Roberts

The Normal Heart, based on Larry Kramer’s play of the same name and directed by Ryan Murphy, is HBO’s upcoming… Read More

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