Salvador Dalí

13 Truly Terrifying Works of Art by Famous Artists


Art may be revered for its beauty, but there’s a lot of ugliness there too, even in the work of its most famous practitioners. Not to mention blood, guts and existential horror, of course. Come to think of it, this is just the time of year for such things, so if you’re in the holiday spirit and also enjoy yourself some fine art by some of the world’s most famous artists, you’re in luck: here you’ll find a (blood) spattering of highbrow horrors to inform your Halloween revelry.
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Fascinating Photos That Capture Famous Artists’ Friendships


French photographer Lucien Clergue, who penned the autobiography Picasso My Friend, passed away this month. “I had a good fortune to meet Pablo Picasso at a bullring. I had stopped playing violin, and for the lack of funds I could not go to school in Paris. I started taking photographs with different cameras owned by a man close to my home,” Clergue wrote. “Picasso signed one of the print, not my best, but now it is the most expensive. When I reached the age of 20 I was still working in a factory, but I was taking photographs of five children dressed with clothes designed by me [inspired by Picasso’s circus paintings]. I was trying to make Picasso happy: he had said at the bullring, ‘I want to see more prints.’” Their relationship lasted until Picasso’s death in 1973, and that close friendship is revealed in photos of the artists together and Clergue’s portraits of the painter in his studio. Inspired by Clergue, we gathered other photos of famous artist …Read More