Sand Art

Breathtaking Sand Paintings Adorning the Beaches of California


The beaches of Northern California are transformed into swirling artworks and stunning geometric designs after Andres Amador uses a rake and rope on them. The San Francisco-born artist’s organic “beach murals” take about two hours to create during low tide and can measure 90,000 square feet and beyond. “There is an esoteric fractal quality of being within the pattern that is being made — it feels to have relevance in other aspects of my life, of building a larger pattern from the inside, not fully knowing what is resulting,” writes Amador. While the artist connects with each sand painting during the process, he fully accepts when nature erases his masterpiece: “Ultimately, when it is finished, I let it go. For me the energy and draw is around the act of creation.” See more of Amador’s beautiful sandscapes, which we first spotted on Beautiful/Decay, below.
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