An Elegantly Deconstructed Sandwich for Each State in the Union

Maybe it’s because we spotted Laughing Squid’s post about this project just before lunchtime, and maybe it’s because the Flavorwire staff is a bit obsessed with sandwiches, but we are thoroughly charmed by Kelly Pratt’s Stately Sandwiches. The concept is simple: Pratt identifies the sandwich that best represents each state (a muffuletta for Louisiana, a Reuben for New York), artfully arranges the ingredients on a cutting board, takes a photo, adds some explanatory text, and then posts the image for the world to enjoy. She’s already 11 states into the project, and is accepting suggestions for more via Twitter. We humbly propose the pit beef sandwich for Maryland, and could really go for North Carolina’s specialty right about now. Click through to see a few of our favorite Stately Sandwiches, and stay tuned to the website as the project continues. … Read More

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The Very Best of Sandwich Design

To know our nation’s sandwich landscape is to understand what it means to be American. As rich and diverse as the streets south of Houston, the menus at New York’s best sandwich shops read like a provocative abstract on America’s cultural ethnography: the French dip, the Cubano, the Philly cheesesteak, the spicy Rizzak, the Reuben, the Runza, the Hillel, the Fluffernutter and the food scene’s best Italian import since Mario Batali, the Muffaletta.

James Beard, the godfather of gourmet American food, said “too few people understand a really good sandwich.” We think that’s changing. With everyone from our favorite sexy celebrity chef superstar to designers and artists the world over giving sliced bread and the good stuff between it due attention, we think the era of the sandwich is upon us. From intricate porcelain patterned bread to condiment design to deconstructed sandwiches made entirely out of vegetables, here’s our look at sandwich game-changers. Let us know in the comments what do you do to up your sandwich’s ante. … Read More

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An Ode to 10 Pop Culture Sandwiches

It’s National Sandwich Day! That means it’s the 293rd birthday of John Montagu, or as he is more popularly known, the 4th Earl of Sandwich. His legacy is creating the glorious food item (food group, really), in which we stuff many things betwixt two slices of bread. This would later become bastardized by the invention of Hot Pockets and other sloth-friendly grub. In honor of this great day, we give you our ode to pop culture sandwiches past the break. Leave us your favorites — or favorite sandwich fixins so we can all consider new things to stuff our maws with, Liz Lemon style — below. … Read More

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Awesome Infographic: The United States of GOOD Sandwiches

Prepare to feel hungry. Very, very hungry. Or quite possibly queasy. Last week our friends at GOOD asked their readers to name “the most culturally significant, sustainably produced, locally sourced sandwiches” in their home states. The resulting responses vary from predictable (New York – pastrami on rye; Maine – lobster roll; California – veggie sandwich)… Read More

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