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From ‘Cruel Intentions’ to ‘She’s All That': Why 1999 Was the Golden Year of Teen Movies

What do Cruel Intentions, American Pie, 10 Things I Hate About You, She’s All That, Never Been Kissed, Varsity Blues, Drive Me Crazy, Election, The Virgin Suicides, Drop Dead Gorgeous, and Jawbreaker have in common? Aside from representing much of the canon of newly classic teen movies, every single one of these films came out 15 years ago, in 1999. What was it about that year, specifically, that led to this cinematic gold rush? … Read More

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10 Actors Who Couldn’t Shake Their Most Memorable TV Roles

A truly great TV character doesn’t cease to exist when his show ends — he remains entirely real in the memory of fans and, in some cases, the consciousness of a culture he helped shape. Whether you loved or hated Will & Grace, that’s certainly true of Will Truman, who became Middle America’s first gay best friend (an archetype that we hasten to add is troubling in itself) around the turn of the millennium. The question is, can the actor who portrayed Will, Eric McCormack, shake his association with the character to make viewers believe him as neuroscientist Daniel Pierce in the new TNT crime drama Perception? Although we’re pulling for McCormack, we can’t ignore the curse that tends to befall stars who are best known for playing a certain iconic and/or distinct TV character. After the jump, we round up 10 actors who haven’t managed to shake their most memorable roles. … Read More

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The Morning's Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. Sir Paul McCartney made a surprise cameo on the East Coast telecast of 30 Rock‘s wildly uneven live episode last night, in which he smacked Jack Donaghy in the face. “To be slapped on live TV by Sir Paul… #filethatinmydiaryunderperfect,” Alec Baldwin tweeted later. Meanwhile, because life still isn’t fair, the lucky… Read More

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The Fug Report: Highs and Lows from the Week in Fashion

Editor’s note: Welcome to The Fug Report! Each week our fashion blogger friends Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, the sartorial geniuses behind Go Fug Yourself, will feature some of their favorite looks of the week in this space. We hope you enjoy it!

This week on Go Fug Yourself, we watched The Last Song, the… Read More

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10 Unexpectedly Effective Movie Villains

One of the many pleasures of Drive, Nicolas Winding Refn’s slick new art house/action hybrid (opening in select cities tomorrow — and as Letterman likes to say, we sure hope your city has been selected) is the masterful performance of the great Albert Brooks. The comedian/filmmaker/comic actor (and, most recently, novelist) plays the film’s villain, a hard-boiled gangster type; Brooks harnesses his groggy weariness (that raspy voice has seldom been so well-utilized) and that impatient anger that’s always percolating under his best work. He’s unexpectedly chilling and effective.

His top-shelf work got us thinking about other actors who took on villainous roles and, whether due to their good-guy personas or comedic backgrounds, took us by surprise with the ruthlessness of their darker turns. We’ve rounded up our picks after the jump. … Read More

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Double Takes: Actors Who Have Starred in Two (or More) Hit Shows

In case we haven’t made enough noise about it already, we’d like to restate our enthusiasm for Sarah Michelle Gellar’s return to television with the CW’s new series Ringer. We already used the show’s twins-in-trouble element as a springboard to look at our favorite twins in popular culture, but the dualism got us thinking about something else, too — specifically, how many other actors have been able to successfully star in more than one show during their career, shrugging off typecasting to embody a whole new, equally welcome persona. As Gellar takes on this feat in 2011, here’s a look back at some of the others who have done it, and done it well. Don’t see your favorite? We know we left some out, so feel free to add more in the comments. … Read More

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Sarah Michelle Gellar and Pop Culture's Most Memorable Twins

Here at Flavorpill, we can hardly wait for Ringer, the new TV series on the CW that has Sarah Michelle Gellar playing the dual role of estranged twins who are both entangled in high-stakes intrigue. In our anticipation of the show’s premiere tomorrow night, we started thinking about other memorable twins — both real and fictional — in pop culture. Our top 10 are after the jump; add yours in the comments. … Read More

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Watch an Awesome Promo for Sarah Michelle Gellar’s ‘Ringer’

As hardcore Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans (seriously, guys, we even read the Season 8 comics), we’ve been pretty excited about Buffy’s — er, Sarah Michelle Gellar’s — upcoming return to prime-time in Ringer. And it seemed promising that Gellar was returning in the bad-ass dual role of twins caught up in crime and intrigue. But we didn’t know much more about the series until now.

The CW has released a satisfyingly substantive, three-minute trailer for Ringer. Now it’s clear that Gellar will spend most of her time in the role of Bridget, a recovering addict who think she’s the black swan of the family. But when her estranged twin, Siobhan, invites her back into her posh, perfect-looking life and then disappears off the side of a boat, Bridget takes over her identity — and begins to learn that her sister’s in scarier trouble than she’s ever seen. And yes, Buffy fans, it looks like we’ll have ample opportunity to watch our girl kick ass. Watch the promo and tell us if you’ll be watching after the jump. … Read More

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Which of The CW’s New Shows Is Right for You?

In case you haven’t been following along, over the past few days we’ve taken a look at NBC’s 2011-2012 comedies and their Fox counterparts, as well as what we consider to be the only show relevant to our general interests in CBS’s fall lineup. Now, The CW has released clips from four of their new shows coming out this fall. Click through to find out which one (if any!) of these shows belongs in the guilty pleasures portion of your DVR. … Read More

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