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The Mixed Message of Louis CK’s Apology to Sarah Palin

Louis CK slammed Sarah Palin with some particularly vulgar, obscene, anatomy-focused tweets back in 2010. They helped explode his Twitter popularity and resulted in Greta Van Susteren threatening to protest if he was named host of the Congressional Correspondents’ Dinner. … Read More

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This May Be One of Jon Stewart’s Best and Most All-Inclusive Tirades Against Fox News

Jon Stewart has made a comedy kingdom out of being vocally and sardonically baffled by the consistent hypocrisies and… Read More

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Your Favorite “Politician,” Sarah Palin, Will Return to ‘SNL’

People has announced that Sarah Palin will make an appearance on SNL‘s 40th anniversary special. Her invite allegedly came from Lorne… Read More

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The 50 Most Surreal Premises in Reality-TV History

Reality TV now walks a fine between being weirdly complicated and utterly basic — yesterday, on Discovery Life, for example, 50 Ways to Kill Your Mother and Outrageous Births: Tales From the Crib debuted! And just last weekend, you’ll recall, it was My Husband’s Not Gaythe show about Mormons keeping their marriages together despite the male component being, er, “not gay.” With spinoffs of spinoffs and ripoffs of ripoffs, no matter how many syllables it takes to describe a new subculture a show’s seeming to invent or the byzantine rules the show’s imposing, as long as reality TV focuses on “real people” but eschews their real problems, which it notoriously does, it remains nauseatingly simple. Because sometimes it’s not even what’s being portrayed, so much as the exploitative way it’s portrayed, that leaves you with the dizzied sense of living in a reality that’s crumbling due to the sheer fact that such shows exist. … Read More

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We Finally Know Sarah Palin’s Endgame: Late-Night Talk Show Comic Relief

“We personally don’t care about Sarah Palin,” an unidentified representative for Anonymous said in an interview back in 2010, after Palin blamed the group when her personal credit card and website were hacked. Four years ago, a lot of us didn’t care about Sarah Palin anymore, even though she was still making tons of money from television and book deals, becoming one of the biggest names associated with the Tea Party, and toying with the notion of running for president in 2012. We just kept hoping she’d go away. … Read More

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Martin Bashir Resigns, But Why Are We Still Listening to Sarah Palin?

Inexplicably enough, Sarah Palin, a sorta-politician who ran a state for a little while and participated in a miserable failure of a presidential campaign five years ago, is in the news again. This time, it’s thanks to MSNBC host Martin Bashir, who took issue with Palin’s jaw-droppingly boneheaded comparison of slavery and the national debt. In doing so, he deployed an ill-advised metaphor of his own, setting off a firestorm of criticism and, ultimately, his own resignation yesterday. Bashir’s comments were a major screw-up, of course, and more on that later. But what no one’s asking is the more obvious question: why are we listening to a know-nothing, powerless partisan hack like Sarah Palin in 2013 to begin with? … Read More

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43 Great Tina Fey Quotes for Her 43rd Birthday

One of Flavorwire’s favorite people, Tina Fey, turns 43 years old today, so we’re marking the occasion in the best way we know how — by rounding up some of the funniest witticisms and best advice from the brilliant and funny writer/comedienne. We’ve got one for every year, so click through for her thoughts on working motherhood, celebrity, homophobia, strip clubs, and Mark Wahlberg’s… Read More

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The Most Uncomfortable Portrayals of Celebrities in Art [NSFW]

Celebrities are voracious connoisseurs of art (even Beyoncé loves art history), and are among the few people in this world who can actually afford to collect it, so it makes sense that celebrities often appear as the subjects of artworks. Of course, that’s not to say they always inspire flattering portraits. The recent $1.9 million sale of artist John Currin’s 1991 nude portrait of Golden Girl Bea Arthur has inspired Flavorwire to round up the most awkward portrayals of celebrities in art, from politicians in the buff and doused in urine to installation art, sculpture, and a certain former president’s wet and wild self-portrait. … Read More

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Flavorwire Interview: Armando Iannucci Says ‘Veep’ Gets Personal in Season 2

Armando Iannucci’s characters, whether on his HBO series Veep, his BBC show The Thick of It, or that show’s film spin-off In the Loop, all share one common trait: a gift for inventive, ingenious insults and profanity. So while it’s not exactly a shock that Mr. Iannucci is such a cheerful, soft-spoken, and friendly chap, it is a bit of a relief; what’s surprising is that he insists, “I don’t swear myself!” In the worlds he’s writing about, “there is a fair amount of profanity but profanity can be quite dull.” With his characters, though, “we try and make it as interesting as possible so it’s not so much the swear words, it’s more the phrases around the swear words that make it more interesting.” … Read More

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