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Fantastic Saul Bass-Style Reimaginings of Iconic James Bond Movie Posters

Saul Bass was a man of many talents. From Academy Award-winning filmmaker to graphic designer, his exacting aesthetic made his touch an instant brand. His most recognizable work includes the title sequences for famous films like North by Northwest, Ocean’s 11, and Psycho. Artist Alain Bossuyt channels Bass par excellence in these movie posters (spotted via Dangerous Minds) that act both as posthumous tribute to Bass and spot-on conceptual re-imagining of what would have happened if Bass had ever worked on the legendary Bond films. Add this to the list of things we wish had really happened. … Read More

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Flavorwire Exclusive: Awesome Movie-Style Posters For Every Original ‘Star Trek’ Episode

There’s not exactly a shortage of Star Trek fan art out there, but Juan Ortiz came up with a fresh and fascinating angle for his new book Star Trek: The Art of Juan Ortiz (out today from Titan Books). Ortiz, a longtime Trek enthusiast and gifted graphic artist, designed a movie-style poster for every single episode of the original series. Drawing inspiration from pulp book covers, advertisements, comic books, and ‘60s movie posters, the achievement is impressive to Trekkies and ‘60s design fans alike. After the jump, check out just a few of Ortiz’s original posters, along with (exclusive to Flavorwire) his own comments on the episodes and his inspirations for the images. … Read More

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Early Saul Bass Poster Sketches for ‘The Shining’

Designers are often faced with demanding clients, and we can’t think of a bigger perfectionist an artist would be rattled to impress other than Stanley Kubrick. It’s a well-known fact that Kubrick put actors and crew through their paces, often shooting dozens of takes for just one scene. It looks like Kubrick was no different when it came to the posters for his iconic horror film, The Shining. Famed designer Saul Bass, who created the original poster for the movie, worked with Kubrick to perfect the artwork. The Fox is Black noted: “I’ve read online that Kubrick made Bass go through at least 300 versions of the poster until finally ending on the extremely alien looking version we now know.” The greatest parts about the images are the notes Bass (or Stanley?) made and the fish doodle next to Bass’ signature. Take a closer look in our gallery. … Read More

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The Most Iconic Film Title Sequences of All Time

This week marks the opening of Goldfinger: The Design of an Iconic Film Title, MoMA’s focus installation — in conjunction with the film exhibition 50 Years of Bond — featuring the first film title sequence to enter the museum’s permanent collection. In honor of Bond’s golden anniversary and a long-standing legacy of outstanding opening credits, we’ve taken a look at the art of the title through the ages. From Saul Bass’ pioneering early work all the way up to the exceedingly clever introduction to nerd dramedy at its best, click through to check out the most iconic film title sequences of all time.… Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we got blinded by the bling on these wrists. We discovered DogTV. We watched a bizarre crustacean-meets-tampon Earth Day moment. We remembered Dick Clark. We met nine movie characters we suspected were stoners. We found out how to turn a rubber band into… Read More

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Saul Bass' Production Sketches for 'West Side Story's' Prologue

Design maestro Saul Bass contributed his legendary talents to Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins’ screen adaptation of the 1957 Broadway musical, West Side Story. Bass was credited as a visual consultant on the film, but his role in the romantic tragedy tale exceeded his ambiguous job title. He storyboarded the famous prologue (in collaboration with his wife Elaine Bass), which features two rival gangs — the typically all-American-looking Jets and the Puerto Rican Sharks — strutting around the city (dancing, really) in a turf war tease, chasing each other off their territory. The artist also designed the ending title sequence and made the eye-catching theatrical poster.

Old Hollywood recently shared Bass’ production sketches for the opening dance number, and although they’re roughly drawn, there’s something absolutely perfect about their simplicity. Upon closer inspection, the colorful drawings do show some trademark Bass characteristics. They’re also a reminder of how passionately involved the artist was with all of his projects. We’ve shared the sketches past the break. Let us know if you dig them like we do. … Read More

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Children’s Books Illustrated by Famous Designers

This month, fifty years after its first printing, legendary designer Saul Bass’s one and only children’s book is being reprinted by Rizzoli. The book is gorgeous, just what you’d expect from one of the greatest graphic designers of all time, and it got us to thinking about other children’s books illustrated by famous designers who are more noted for their other work. After all, it seems to us that if you have that kind of skill with pictures and words, you might as well put it to use shaping the minds of the younger generations, right? Click through to check out our roundup of children’s books illustrated (and sometimes written!) by great designers, and let us know if we’ve missed any of your favorites in the comments! … Read More

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Gift Guide: The Best Gifts for Movie Geeks

Now that Christmas shopping season is in full effect, it’s time for your Flavorwire editors to swing into public service mode. Yes, yes, all the lists and links and commentary are fun, we know you’re saying, but where are the shopping tips? What do I get my movie-obsessed cousin Donovan? Do I have to actually communicate with him to find out what he wants? Those phone calls always last twice as long as I want them to, and his breathing patterns are disturbing! Fear no more, gentle reader, for after the jump, you’ll find a collection of films and books guaranteed to warm the hearts of your film fan relatives on Christmas morning, which they’ll enjoy to the fullest before fleeing the premises to catch the 1:20 matinee of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Check them out and add your own after the jump! … Read More

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A Visual History of Saul Bass Title Designs

If you don’t have Saul Bass: A Life in Film & Design in your clutches yet (tsk, tsk) there’s a supercut highlighting the title sequence god’s career that should hold you over until you hit the bookstore. Editor Ian Albinson — best known for his credits savvy site, Art of the Title — put together a brief visual history of Bass’ contributions to the film and television worlds. The graphic, surreal, elegant, and playful designs for famous films like Psycho and The Seven Year Itch are all featured here — reminding us why Bass’ timeless artistry remains so popular today. Click past the break for a peek. … Read More

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