10 of the Geekiest Restaurants of All Time

Last week, Flavorwire took a look at literary restaurants with an eye towards getting those book nerds around the world fed. But what if you’re another kind of nerd? Never fear, for there is a restaurant geared at every sort of geek, whether you’re into gaming, comic books, Star Wars, World of Warcraft, or all of the above. Click through to see some of the… Read More

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Minimalist Posters That Cleverly Showcase Famous Scientists’ Greatest Achievements

For decades, that one poster of Einstein sticking his tongue out has been the go-to dorm-room decoration for eager science majors. Thankfully for the design-savvy future physicists of the world, Indian graphic designer Kapil Bhagat celebrated his home country’s recent National Science Day by creating a series of attractive posters that subtly highlight famous scientists’ most important discoveries. Darwin’s theory of evolution plays out typographically; the “o” in Newton’s name becomes his famous apple; and, yes, Einstein’s famous equation gets a clever shout out. Click through to see the series, which we learned about via io9, and buy the posters at Society6. … Read More

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Cool Video Illustrates What Marijuana Does to Your Brain

Ever wonder why marijuana makes users so fixated on individual ideas, no matter how banal? Learn the scientific answer to that and discover what smoking a joint does to your brain in this fascinating video from Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown of AsapSCIENCE. If that awful “this is your brain on drugs” commercial with the splattered egg in a frying pan is the closest you’ve ever gotten to understanding the neurological affects of illegal substances, you’ll definitely want to watch. And after you do, be sure to check out the rest of cool and practical videos at AsapSCIENCE’s YouTube page, including tips for curing hangovers and “The Scientific Power of Music.” Whether or not you artificially stimulate your neurotransmitters beforehand is completely up to you. … Read More

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Watch a Squid Dance to Cypress Hill

OK, so this fascinating clip doesn’t really feature a dancing squid, but rather, the pigment cells of a Woods Hole squid reacting like crazy to electrical impulses created by the sounds of Cypress Hill. But honestly, how cool is that? Click through to have your minds blown by microscopic footage of the experiment, which was executed by the neuroscience wizards over at Backyard Brains (who, it’s worth mentioning, previously stimulated a cockroach leg with the Beastie Boys), and which we spotted, rather fittingly, thanks to Laughing Squid. … Read More

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Watch Bill Nye Explain Why Schools Need to Teach Evolution

Bill Nye has been our hero since his Bill Nye the Science Guy days in the ’90s, when he managed to awaken a whole generation of kids to the awesomeness of science. In recent years, the scientist and mechanical engineer has been recognized as a serious authority in the field, appearing on networks like CNN to illuminate such topics as global warming and the Japanese nuclear crisis. He even helped build a sundial used in the recent Mars Rover mission. Now, Nye has a Big Think video out in which he explains why it’s important to teach kids evolution, rather than creation. “Evolution is the fundamental idea in all of life science, in all of biology,” he says. “It’s very much analogous to trying to do geology without believing in tectonic plates. You’re just not going to get the right answer. Your whole world is just going to be a mystery instead of an exciting place.” Watch the entire excellent interview below. … Read More

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Pop Music Is Louder and More Boring Than Ever, According to Science

Has it ever occurred to you that every pop song you hear piped into mall stores or blaring out the speakers of passing cars sounds basically the same, down to the Auto-Tuned chorus? Well, take heart, because that isn’t just you getting old and cranky — scientists have just confirmed that pop music really is… Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we went bird-watching with Birders: The Central Park Effect. We practiced 50 pickup lines for the farmer’s market. We explored the top 10 Madonna controversies. We booked flights for 10 airlines that serve free alcohol. We jumped for this super cute marriage proposal. We read a… Read More

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Gorgeous Photography of Phenomena Beyond the Human Eye

Here at Flavorpill, we’re always game to fill our eyes with beautiful images — but we have to admit, we never knew just how beautiful scientific visions of the world could be. In Seeing Beyond the Human Eye, the latest installment of the “Off Book” series from PBS and Kornhaber Brown, artists and scientists discuss the new and developing ways we can experience the world: namely, through microphotography, astrophotography, slow-motion video, and time-lapse video, all of which create gorgeous images not visible with the human eye alone. “It’s our curiosity and thirst for the unknown that has driven us to uncover the beauty of the universe,” the creators write. “Technology has allowed us to overcome the boundaries of human perception and explore beyond the limits of the naked eye.” Click through to have your mind blown. … Read More

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Has the Definition of “Cool” Changed?

Attention: you may not be as cool as you think you are. But then again, you may be a great deal cooler. According to a team of psychologists from the University of Rochester, “cool” no longer denotes a detached, rebellious James Dean-type figure, but now more aptly describes, um, someone who’s really friendly. In a … Read More

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Why Do Old Books Smell?

When you ask your literary friends why they like physical books more than e-books — if they don’t immediately roll their eyes at the question, that is — they might tell you it’s because they love the smell of books. Well, we agree that there’s nothing quite like the aroma of a used bookstore or a worn paperback, but we’ve never stopped to think about exactly what gives our dusty tomes their scent. Until we watched this very informative video from Abe Books, that is. “A physical book is made up of organic matter that reacts with heat, light, moisture, and most importantly of all, the chemicals used in its production,” we are told. “And it is this unique reaction that causes the unique used books smell… Old books release hundreds of volatile organic compounds into the air from the paper,” and it is this which gives books their scent, “a combination of grassy notes with a tang of acids and a hint of vanilla over an underlying mustiness.” Mmm. Click through to watch the video, and then you can get right back to happily sniffing your bookshelves. … Read More

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