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Exclusive Interview: ’21 Jump Street’ Star Brie Larson Is Poised to Dominate SXSW

You always believe Brie Larson. The 23-year-old actress has done everything from Disney Channel sitcoms to studio blockbusters to micro-budget indies, but no matter what the role, no matter how large or how small, she seems utterly incapable of a false note. Attendees of this year’s South by Southwest Film Festival will have plenty of opportunities to marvel at her gifts; in one of those occasional festival collisions of timing and smart choices, Larson appears in three SXSW movies: she plays supporting roles in Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Don Jon’s Addiction and James Ponsoldt’s The Spectacular Now (both of which played to positive notices at Sundance) and takes the lead — her first — in Destin Cretton’s subtle and powerful Short Term 12. Oh, and she also co-wrote and co-directed Weighting, which is playing in the shorts competition. … Read More

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Gay Best Friends in Pop Culture Who Need Better Friends

Despite some encouraging recent advances, gay and lesbian characters remain underrepresented in mainstream media, and the ones who do appear tend to have it pretty rough. Even in 2012, many still get assigned to the role of “Gay Best Friend Who Advises and Comforts the Straight Female Lead,” where they’re very clever and very supportive and don’t get to have personal lives of their own. The lesbians, meanwhile, always seem to be the characters that really terrible things happen to all the time. Here’s a list of some of queer best friends in pop culture who need to make some better friends. If you’ve got any you’d like to share, list them in the comments! … Read More

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Awesome Cupcakes Inspired By Comics

Cupcakes aren’t just cutesy treats for girlie girls like Zooey Deschanel’s character from New Girl – they also make the perfect canvases for some awesome (and often decidedly geeky) comic-related pop art, featuring everything from superheroes to graphic novels, and even Sunday morning newspaper comics. Plus, they always look so delicious! We’ve scoured the Internet to show you some of the best comic cupcakes out there, so click through to check them out — if, like us, you’ve been quietly suffering from a massive post-Valentine’s sugar hangover all day, these sweet treats might be just the hair of the dog that you’ve been craving! … Read More

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Opposites Attract: Odd Couples on Film

That bittersweet, neurotic, and utterly charming look at love — Annie Hallarrives on Blu-ray today. Woody Allen’s 1977 film is one most of us can identify with, especially when it comes to all the anticipation, insecurities, and uncertainties of a new relationship. Although Allen’s self-conscious, irksome nebbish Alvy Singer shares some qualities with Diane Keaton’s titular character, the divide between them eventually grows too wide to persist. We wanted to examine other odd couples on film, with an eye toward the pairings that made it work. Check out our picks past the break, and share your opposites in love votes below. … Read More

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Head of Major Studio Admits to Making Really Bad Movies

Candor is a rare commodity among powerful people in Hollywood — always has been, always presumably will be. But then there’s this fascinating Movieline report from the Savannah Film Festival, where special guest Ron Meyer (President and COO of Universal Pictures) dropped this little truth bomb: “We make a lot of shitty movies. Every one of them breaks my heart.”

“We set out to make good ones,” Meyer continued. “One of the worst movies we ever made was WolfmanWolfman and Babe 2 are two of the shittiest movies we put out, but by the same token we made movies we believe in… It’s great to win awards and make films that you’re proud of and make money, but your first obligation is to make money and then worry about being proud of what you do.”

Meyer also took the opportunity to offer up appraisals of some of the studio’s bigger financial belly-flops. He is refreshingly not full of crap! … Read More

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Open Thread: Does Comic-Con Matter?

If you read the movie blogs over the weekend, you read a whole lot about this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, the annual convergence of comic book fans, movie geeks, and the filmmakers who would like their money. This year’s slate boasted several big-name directors — including Steven Spielberg, Ridley Scott, Francis Ford Coppola, and Steven Soderbergh — as well as panels for such potential blockbusters as The Amazing Spider-Man and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn- Part 1. But there were also some conspicuous absences over the weekend, perhaps attributable to increasingly abundant evidence that a big splash at Comic-Con does not necessarily translate to big box office. Is Hollywood’s love affair with the convention waning? And should it? … Read More

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The Year’s Most Beautiful Unofficial Film Posters

As we may have mentioned earlier today, most people agree that 2010 wasn’t exactly a banner year for great films. But what did hit theaters inspired some amazing “alternate” posters made by graphic designers and illustrators. Click through to check out some of our favorites, visually-stunning artwork inspired by films that range from Oscar contenders like 127 Hours to big popcorn movies like Tron: Legacy. … Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. Comedian Chelsea Handler has been officially announced as the host of the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards on September 12. [via ArtsBeat]
2. Yesterday Facebook announced a new, optional service called Places that’s just like Foursquare without the badges and only for people who have an iPhone. [via WSJ]… Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. Sylvester Stallone‘s action flick The Expendables topped the weekend box office, raking in $35 million. Meanwhile, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World only took in $10.5 million. [via MTV]
2. What Arcade Fire‘s mainstream success on indie label Merge means for record labels [via New Yorker]
3. Neil Patrick Harris… Read More

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Now Streaming: Scott Pilgrim vs. The Animation

Are you planning on seeing Scott Pilgrim vs. The World tonight? If you are, you might be interested to know that it’s currently at an 80% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes! You might also want to get in the mood by checking out Scott Pilgrim vs. Animation — a three-and-a-half-minute animated short featuring the voice work of Michael Cera and Alison Pill in a hilarious subplot that was left out of the movie. … Read More

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