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10 Unlikely and Enchanting Guest Houses

Scotland has produced some of the most enduring cultural wonders of the last century including Sir Sean Connery, Annie Lennox, David Byrne, the television and a fictional media darling of a monster that was supposedly seen fourteen years ago. To honor our favorite skirt-wearing nation, we thought we’d shed some light on another fabulous Scottish endowment: the quaint and exceedingly cozy guest house.

Not to be confused with it’s wealthier cousin, the country house, the guest house is to Scotland what the Bed & Breakfast is to New England. Much less awkwardly intimate, Scottish guest houses are often separate and self-sufficient. And, exceptionally charming. After spotting a restored 1956 fire truck turned guest house complete with wood-burning stove and fully equipped kitchen, we couldn’t help but wonder what other unlikely and enchanting guest houses sit nestled in the Scottish Highlands and beyond.

From a modern shipping container retreat to a spare room you can hang from a tree to a canvas yurt with a grand Victorian bed and your very own truck wheel barbecue, click through to check out our offbeat roundup of the most beguiling freestanding abodes perfectly suited to receiving nosy house guests and meddlesome in-laws. … Read More

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10 Works of Art We Can’t Believe They Got Away With

In the context of our post last week on French yé-yé pop, we touched on France Gall’s “Les Sucettes,” an ostensibly innocent ditty written for her by Serge Gainsbourg, which came stuffed full of allusions to oral sex. The song’s questionable enough, but the video is all kinds of wrong — giant dancing phalluses, nubile teens sucking on very suggestive lollipops, and poor little France Gall, oblivious to it all. We still can’t quite believe Gainsbourg got away with it, but then, he made a career out of getting away with it. Anyway, the whole thing got us thinking about similar works of art with hidden meanings that somehow managed to slip under the radar — history is full of them, and we’ve put together a rather eclectic selection after the jump. We’re sure there must be heaps more, so let us have your suggestions in the comments section. … Read More

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Actors Who Couldn’t Escape Their Biggest Role

Although he won critical acclaim for several award-winning performances — including a role in Civil War movie Friendly Persuasion as a young man drawn to battle to protect his family and a part in May-December romantic drama Goodbye Again — multifaceted talent Anthony Perkins will forever and always be known as Norman Bates in Hitchcock’s Psycho. Immortalized on celluloid as the meek and deeply troubled murderer, Perkins’ — who would have been 80-years-old today — played Bates with a boyish vulnerability, quiet charm, and repressed anxiety that Hitchcock skillfully helped mold into one of the greatest screen villains of all time.

Many have said that Bates’ most unfortunate victim was Anthony Perkins, and that the character eventually consumed him — at least through three other sequels that spanned into the ’90s. “Without Pyscho, who’s to say if I would have endured?” Perkins once told the New York Times.

What other actors never escaped their biggest roles? We explored the careers of a few stars past the jump. Sometimes the deal of a lifetime can haunt you, making you wonder who is playing whom in the end. (And sometimes it’s not always a bad thing.) Check out our picks, and drop your faves in the comments section. … Read More

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10 Sex Symbols from the '60s and the Movies That Made Them

Today, 1960’s sex symbol and jet-setting star Ursula Andress celebrates her birthday. The Swiss actress found great success in Europe and the United States, appearing on screen with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry — including Elvis and Frank Sinatra. She started her career in Italy at a young age, and quickly rose to fame thanks to her smoldering good looks and cool presence. We take a look at her sexiest role past the break, along with several other 1960’s celebrities who melted the screen with their talents and charisma. Find out what films these sex symbols are known for, and tell us who you’d add to the list in the comments section. … Read More

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Who Played It Better: 10 Literary Roles Filled by Multiple Actors

Now that the ever-so-eagerly anticipated David Fincher adaptation of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is out in theaters, fans of Stieg Larsson’s trilogy have had the chance to see how Fincher’s take stacks up — not just against the books, but against the previous Swedish film version, and more specifically in the representation of iconic heroine Lisbeth Salander. The role was played in the original films by Noomi Rapace (currently appearing in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows); for the American films, Rooney Mara takes over.

Who’s better in the role? It’s a tricky question — and one that comes up every time multiple actors take their turns playing a beloved literary character. The critics have weighed in on who plays Lisbeth better, but after the jump, we’ll take a look at ten previous cases of “different actor, same role.” … Read More

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The Best Ensemble Casts in Movie History

Margin Call, a fact-based thriller concerning the beginning of the financial crisis, opens tomorrow with a stellar ensemble cast that includes Kevin Spacey, Jeremy Irons, Stanley Tucci, Zachary Quinto, Paul Bettany, Simon Baker, and Mary McDonnell. (And Demi Moore. Hey, can’t win ‘em all.) Throw in last month’s Contagion (featuring Matt Damon, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow, Laurence Fishburne, Bryan Cranston, Marion Cotillard, and Elliott Gould) and December’s Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (with Gary Oldman, Colin Firth, Tom Hardy, John Hurt, Toby Jones, and Mark Strong), and this is starting to look like the Season of the Ensemble. In celebration of these smart, adult movies flush with Oscar winners and fine character performers, we’ve assembled some of our favorite big-cast ensemble movies after the jump — check it out, and throw in your own in the comments. … Read More

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The Best of Bond: ‘Goldfinger’ on Vinyl

Now that Bond-23 has a villain in the form of ultra sinister Javier Bardem — a palpably menacing presence in the Coen brothers’ No Country For Old Men — we thought it seemed like a ripe time to look back at some of the best of Bond. The allure that exudes from the thrill-seeking British Secret Service agent with a penchant for gorgeous girls and vodka martinis is obvious, but his fiendish foe is always one of the most highly anticipated roles in each new installment. Another significant legacy of the series, however, is its music and unmistakable theme — sounds indelibly associated with the late maestro, John Barry.

The English composer’s work is synonymous with 007, and Goldfinger boasts one of the boldest and brassiest title numbers in the superspy’s songbook. Shirley Bassey performed the theme tune, which topped the Billboard charts during its heyday. One of the box office hits of 1964, the movie’s most iconic and recognizable image is Shirley Eaton’s sultry character, Jill Masterson, covered head-to-toe in gold paint and cast on a bed in morbid repose. The popularity of the image was so great, that it even made the cover of Life magazine that year. It also graced the cover of many a Goldfinger LP, a unique collection of which are shared below. Revisit Pussy Galore, Sean Connery’s cheeky smile, and other Goldfinger favorites in record form after the jump. … Read More

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Your Favorite Stars as Russian Military Generals

English portraiture meets pop culture in this series of digital paintings that one artist has created based on 329 19th century portraits of Russian Generals who defeated Napoleon in 1812. George Dawe was Russia’s first portrait painter of the Imperial Court. His creations have become the jumping point for Steve Payne’s new body of work, in which he digitally replaces the faces of the Generals with those of friends, family, and various celebrities. Payne found several photographic reproductions of the original paintings and has inserted the famous mugs of people like Sean Connery, Rob Pattinson, and Bill Murray. Some folks look right at home in their regal get-ups — the big surprise being Mickey Rourke who looks just as comfortable donning an epaulet as he does on a Harley. Sadly, Elijah Wood seems to be swallowed whole by his uniform, and Charlie Sheen is … well, Charlie Sheen. Check out more after the jump, and let us know who commands your attention most. … Read More

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The Dodgiest Accents in Movie History

When Brooklyn-born Anne Hathaway was cast in the very British female leading role of Lone Sherfig’s adaptation of the bestselling novel One Day, howls of objection were heard on both sides of the Atlantic. How dare they cast a Yank as Emma Morley? Then again, similar cries were sounded when Renee Zellweger was cast as Bridget Jones, and she ended up being, um, spot on (Brits say that, right?). But when One Day’s trailer hit a couple of months back, skepticism returned; Hathaway’s a good actress, but (to most ears, anyway) that is not a terribly good British accent. That said, the Bad Accent Hall of Fame is a very crowded place, and hers is nowhere near the top. Join us after the jump for our list of the ten spottiest dialects in cinema history, and feel free to add your own (and there are plenty more) in the comments. … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we found it hard to believe that Dinosaurs premiered 20 years ago today. We thought it was hilarious that 30 percent of people feel the need to lie about having seen The Godfather. We were surprised by how bad the old homepages of some of our… Read More

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