Hilarious “Vintage” Ads for Modern Products

Over the years Worth 1000 has challenged designers to Photoshop modern products into vintage ads in a series of contests, and for some reason we’re just stumbling upon a few of the fantastic submissions now. Luckily, they still hold up today. Click through to see how old-school ad men may have hawked everything from YouTube to the Nintendo Wii — if only the technology had existed way back then. Is it just us, or could you see some of these faux advertisements working better for companies than their modern-day counterparts? … Read More

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WTF of the Day: Solowheel

Today Cool Hunting reports on a new “stripped-down” (read: missing its handlebars) take on the Segway that’s geared toward “the mobile urbanite.” And it’s small enough to fit in your briefcase! Got your attention? “The ‘self-balancing electric unicycle’ operates through gyroscopic technology, which a 1000-watt rechargeable lithium-ion battery powers. On a full charge (which takes about 45 minutes), the Solowheel lasts two hours — but the battery actually recaptures energy when going downhill.”

Sounds efficient, but we’ve got plenty of questions, first and foremost among them: How is this safe? Is there any chance we could stay up on this thing for more than five seconds? And shouldn’t that dude be wearing a helmet? Solowheel will be available stateside next month, and retails for $1,500. Do you think there is any chance this will catch on like the Segway did? Click through to watch a clip of it in action. … Read More

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This Week In Buzz

This week at BuzzFeed, we debated the worst movie line in history; for the record, it’s “He’s a werewolf?” We applauded the Japanese for their Jersey Shore translations and wished Angelina a hearty farewell. We felt for Khloe Kardashian. We rinsed our reality-TV-filled mouths with … Read More

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5 Tragically Ironic Deaths of Entrepreneurs

Jimi Heselden, the 62-year-old owner of Segway Inc., died on Sunday after riding one of his company’s vehicles over a cliff at his estate in Northern England. The millionaire purchased Segway in early 2010. He was riding a more rugged version of the vehicle at the time of the apparent accident, and according to police reports, no foul play is suspected. Sadly, Heselden isn’t the first entrepreneur to suffer a business-related death. … Read More

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The Yugo, Plus Our Top 5 Worst Product Disasters

In the late 1950s, the Ford Motor Company introduced the Edsel, a car that failed so spectacularly it became synonymous with a corporate cluelessness. For two decades, the Edsel reigned as one of the most boneheaded blunders in all of automotive manufacturing. But in the mid-80s, the Edsel was usurped by an even more disastrous debut: the Yugo. It was an ugly car made cheaply in a communist country. What could possibly go wrong?

Nearly everything. From sub-par craftsmanship and disastrous safety ratings to gross corporate mismanagement and Cold War distrust, the Yugo is remembered best today not for its brief success but for its dismal failure. But if the Yugo was a lemon, Jason Vuic’s surprising page-turner is the lemonade: even though we know how it’s going to end (watch out for the iceberg, Yugo!), we’re held rapt by Vuic’s careful reconstruction of the peculiar history of a terrible idea. … Read More

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What’s on at Flavorpill: Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today, we listened to the most organic music in the world. We learned French and then contemplated the future of reading. We rode the Google Wave. We laughed at George Clooney’s new ride, which looks like the Segway’s lesser-loved brother. We were slightly confused by Sufjan Stevens’ new hula-hoop movie.… Read More

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