Selena Gomez

WATCH: Taylor Swift Gets Thrown From a Window by Selena Gomez, Lena Dunham Smokes a Cigar, and “Bad Blood” Ensues

Throughout the last few weeks, Taylor Swift had been tweeting portraits of all the famous people who were set to appear… Read More

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Watch Lorde Headbang Her Way Through “Yellow Flicker Beat” at the American Music Awards

If you missed last night’s American Music Awards, worry not: the buzzworthy performances are all you really need to fake… Read More

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Awesome Behind-the-Scenes Photos From the Sets of Famous Music Videos

In the course of writing about the director’s cut of the “Heart-Shaped Box” video yesterday, we came across a pretty great behind-the-scenes photo of Nirvana hanging out on set with the woman who appears in the video wearing a terrifying skinless fat suit. We’re very partial to such images here at Flavorwire, and we got to thinking that there must be more out there on the Internet. And indeed there are — so here’s a selection of some of the… Read More

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The Bizarre Conservatism of Harmony Korine’s ‘Spring Breakers’

Harmony Korine is known as a provocateur. He is the filmmaker who shows us 13-year-old girls ceding their virginity to HIV-positive 16-year-old boys, and dreams up the most horrifying of elderly subcultures. And that is what we all expected out of his new film, sold as a nihilistic, neon-hued celebration of bad-ass teen girls wearing bikinis and wielding machine guns. Though it’s just as stuffed with sex, drugs, and firearms as the trailers promise, Spring Breakers doesn’t offer too much in the way of fun. It’s too busy moralizing. … Read More

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Harmony Korine on ‘Spring Breakers,’ SXSW 2013’s Most Divisive Film

AUSTIN, TX: “I had been collecting spring break imagery for a couple of years before. I was using it in paintings and artwork and stuff,” Harmony Korine explained at the SXSW panel Monday for his new film Spring Breakers. “Just pictures that I would get off the Internet, different sites, fraternity sites, co-ed pornography, anything that had that role of adolescent debauchery in Florida. The images were just hyper-sexualized, hyper-violent — the subject matter was — but then all the details, the bikinis and the book bags and the flip-flops and the Hello Kitty bags and the nail polish and the neon, just all those things were childlike, or innocent. I thought it was interesting, both those things playing together, both those things working together.” … Read More

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Awesome Fan-Made ‘Spring Breakers’ Posters

If you’d told us six months ago that we’d be actively looking forward to a Harmony Korine movie starring James Franco, we’d have laughed heartily, pat you on your head, and contemplated hara-kiri. Yet here it is, March 2013, and we genuinely can’t wait to see Spring Breakers, Korine’s sex-and-drugs-and-Disney-girls action/comedy, out next week in limited release (and a week later wide). And we have to admit, part of the pull is the film’s clearly effective marketing campaign, which has given us several frisky trailers and eye-catching posters. But even those aren’t good enough, apparently; Mars, the film’s French distributor, enlisted fans to submit their own posters, and the results (posted at FilmGeek) are clever, sexy, and just plain cool. Check them out after the jump. … Read More

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A Grown-Up’s Guide to Teen Celebrities

The Teen Choice Awards will air this Sunday on Fox, and — hey, wait. Where are you going? Listen, we know you’re sick of awards shows, and that a celebration of teenyboppers’ favorite pinups probably isn’t going to prevent you from watching True Blood and Breaking Bad. That’s totally fine. But does anything make you feel older than scrolling through a list of the telecast’s nominees and presenters and finding that you’ve never ever heard many of the names on the list? Oh, sure, there are the big stars who get nominated for everything. And you know Justin Bieber and the Twilight kids now, and how could you have made it halfway through 2012 without encountering Carly Rae Jepsen? Still, a slew of Disney and MTV and ABC Family and teen movie stars remain, so you may as well memorize who they are in case you find yourself in conversation with a 12-year-old One Direction superfan. After the jump, we’ve compiled a guide to the massively famous (but only to people under 18) TCA nominees you should know, if only to avoid the dreaded teenage eye-roll (but also because some of them are talented actors and musicians who will likely break through to the grown-up mainstream in the years to come). … Read More

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