Seth Rogen

Watch: Jesse Custer, the Angelic/Demonic Man of the Cloth, Gets Violent in Trailer for Seth Rogen’s ‘Preacher’


If you’ve been curious — ever since the announcement that Seth Rogen was co-developing and co-directing (at least the pilot of) AMC’s series adaptation of Preacher — to see how Rogen (and frequent partner Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg) would visualize something as grand and abstract as the search to find God, a decent  glimpse has finally been provided.
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More Ridiculous Pop Culture-Inspired Merch


Ever the fans of absurd pop culture-inspired merch, the bizarre Kim Kardashian Human Centipede tee got our attention earlier this week. Clearly, it’s time to round up more of the ridiculous merch that we’ve crossed paths with, including clothes we would never wear. …Read More