Sherwood Anderson

Adorable Letters from Famous Authors to Their Children

You’ve heard it before, but we’ll say it again: it’s a shame people don’t write letters anymore. Especially writers, whose missives are often so beautifully composed and simply inspiring that we hoard them in volume upon volume. We’ve already put together a collection of authors’ letters to their young fans, but this week, we spotted this wonderful letter from Sherwood Anderson to his son over at Brain Pickings, and we were inspired to dig a little further into the letters writers send their own children. After the jump, read loving, advice-filled, gentle parental love letters from some of our favorite authors to some of their favorite people — their kids. … Read More

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10 Short Story Collections That Feel Like Novels

Karl Taro Greenfeld’s Triburbia was one of our favorite novels of this summer — but is novel even the most precise word? In truth, the book is collection of linked short stories revolving around a neighborhood, a master patchwork that has both the feel of a solid, complete novel and the flexibility of a collection. We asked Greenfeld to tell us about some of his other favorite collections of linked stories that either feel like novels or are billed as such, he obliged.

Greenfeld tells us: “Before I wrote Triburbia, my novel-in-stories set in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan, I had always read and enjoyed linked collections of stories. At their best, they reminded me of the Disney short film “Nature’s Half Acre,” in which a tiny meadow is observed by time-lapse camera and micro-photography over the course of four seasons and we get to see all these changes, particularly among the plants and insects, that the naked eye would never normally detect. (When a mouse or a rabbit shows up in that film, it’s a big fucking deal.) That was my goal when I was writing Triburbia — I wanted to illuminate this one little ecosystem — and I often looked to and thought about these collections of linked stories as I wrote Triburbia.” Click through to check out his picks, and if he didn’t select your favorite, be sure to add to his list in the comments. … Read More

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10 of the Best Books Set in the Midwest

There’s something a little bit strange about Midwestern literature — no one seems to have much of a handle on it. Any avid reader can easily rattle off a host of Great Southern Writers, books about New York, and their favorite Westerns, but no one really talks about America’s heartland as having its own literary tradition. However, with Patrick Somerville’s newest novel This Bright River, a gorgeous, stirring novel set in St. Helens, Wisconsin, hitting the shelves this week, we thought we’d take a look into some of the best literature of the flyover states, at least in our own humble opinion. Click through to check out our list, and let us know which Midwestern books you’d add in the comments. … Read More

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