10 Great One-Track Albums to Lose Yourself in This Winter

The fancy vinyl reissue of Sleep’s proto-stoner classic Dopesmoker has been on high rotation at Flavorpill central now that we’ve descended into the depths of winter, and the necessity to get up and flip the LP halfway through has got us thinking about other great records that contain precisely one track. It’s a pleasantly music geeky topic to address for a quiet Tuesday afternoon, and we’ve amused ourselves by scouring our iTunes library for some of our favorite albums by artists with one-track minds. As it were. Check out our selections after the jump, and let us know if you have any to add. … Read More

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The 15 Best Musical Reissues of 2012

For some reason, the end-of-year listomania is starting early this year — the Guardian has begun its best-of-2012 list already, and we’re sure others will soon be following suit. In the spirit of getting onto getting onto such things ahead of time, then, we thought we’d commence our own end-of-year listing this week with a look at the best of reissues of 2012. In any case, it seems an appropriate time to be looking at reissues, because this month sees the (re-)release of Massive Attack’s classic 1991 debut Blue Lines, an album which we’re very excited to be able to get on nice heavy vinyl. So her are our picks of other reissues we hope you were laying your hands on during 2012. As ever, we’d be interested to hear your additions in the comments section. … Read More

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10 Recent Reissues You Need to Hear

We’ve been quietly beside ourselves chez Flavorpill of late awaiting The Lost Tapes, the collection of hitherto undiscovered and/or unreleased Can tracks that’s due out this week. It’s the crowning glory of a six-month period that’s been pretty great for reissues/remasters/compilations, so we thought that with the midpoint of the year nigh, it’d be a good time to go ahead and share the other old/new material that has floated our collective boat in the past several months. As ever, we’re open to suggestions as to what we might have missed, so let us know what’s been on your shopping list. … Read More

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The 10 Best 21st-Century Stoner Anthems

As stoners around the country are no doubt only too aware, it’s 4/20 today, which means it’s time to smoke yourself into a coma in solidarity with fellow ganja-lovers around the world. For the last couple of years we’ve amused ourselves composing 4/20 mixtapes to soundtrack your smoking efforts, but this year we thought we’d do something different. We came across High Times“Best 25 Pot Songs of All Time” recently, and we couldn’t help but notice they were all from before the turn of the millennium — mostly from the ’60s, predictably enough. We don’t buy stoner conservatism any more than any other sort of conservatism, so we thought we’d put together a list of 21st-century stoner anthems. Did we miss anything? Let us know before you descend into oblivion. … Read More

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