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Jimmy Kimmel Gives Snoop Dogg a Nature Segment Called “Plizzanet Earth”

Snoop Dogg is an animal expert of sorts. Well, he knows the words “dog(g)” and “lion” at least, which in Jimmy Kimmel’s… Read More

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10 Musicians You Never Knew Had Their Own TV Shows

The folk at Dangerous Minds specialize in unearthing fascinating obscurities from the depths of the Internet, but they outdid themselves this week by finding a clip from a pilot for a sitcom Kraftwerk made in the early 1970s, circa The Man-Machine. The spectacle of what must surely be the strangest TV show you’ve seen in quite some time got us thinking about other musicians’ curious TV ventures — so here are ten of the most weird and wonderful, from Snoop’s sketch comedies to New Kids on the Block not playing themselves in their own… Read More

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Witty Vintage-Style Ads Starring Contemporary Music Icons

There’s just a week and a half left before the new Mad Men season rolls out, but in case the ’60s-style withdrawal is too much to bear, Ads Libitum has the graphic design beat covered. Run by David Redon, the Tumblr has been posting faux-aged ads starring pop culture figures from the last two decades since July 2013. Redon’s favorite subject is musicians, but the full site has a spot for Breaking Bad‘s Pollos Hermanos as well. Click through for thoroughly retro renditions of OutKast, Missy Elliott, Snoop Dogg, and more. … Read More

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Who Is Dâm-Funk? An Introduction to Snoop’s Newest Partner in Rhyme

Today sees the release of Seven Days of Funk, the gloriously funkified album by Snoop Dogg (or Snoopzilla, as he’s calling himself at the moment) and Flavorwire favorite Dâm-Funk. Snoop clearly needs no introduction, but this is definitely the most prominent release of Dâm-Funk’s career, and one that will doubtless be introducing him to a new audience. For all that his career has been on the up-and-up since signing to Stones Throw in 2008, Mr. Funk has been around for a long time — he started making music way back in 1988, which means there’s a whole lot of early material to explore. Join us for a deep dive into his funktastic back catalog. … Read More

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The 5 Albums You Need to Hear in December

It’s the allegedly festive season, the end of the year, the time when the music industry largely abandons the idea of releasing new records for bringing in the cash with box sets, classic reissues, etc. Still, there’s the occasional brave artist who decides to release something in December, and so, as ever, we’ve perused the release schedules and huddled together in a quorum of music geekdom to decide on the new releases that are worth getting hold of this month, along with those that you really should be avoiding like crazy. … Read More

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Watch Snoop Dogg and Dam-Funk’s New Video

If you’re not excited for the Snoop Dogg and Dam-Funk collaboration 7 Days of Funk, you should be. … Read More

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Rappers’ Most Unexpected Non-Musical Side Projects

If you find yourself asking, “Where is Ja Rule?” as often I do, you might be pleased to know he’s got a new movie out called I’m in Love With a Church Girl (it’s about exactly what you think). But wait! There’s more! During a recent interview with SiriusXM’s Food Talk, Ja revealed he’s interested in writing a microwave cookbook. Apparently, two years in prison did wonders for his microwaving technique, and this got me thinking about all the other weird side projects rappers have taken on in recent years. Click through to learn about some of hip hop stars’ most unexpected pastimes. … Read More

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