Snow White

Hey Hollywood: Here Are More Children’s Stories For You to Turn into “Cinematic Universes”

Gather ‘round, dear friends, and lay eyes upon what The Avengers has wrought. This morning, The Guardian breathlessly reported that not one, but two major studios are spending big bucks to create major new tentpoles from the story of Robin Hood. (Y’know, the one that Ridley Scott tried to reignite a few years back, and no one cared.) Disney is jumping into the fray with Nottingham & Hood, which “reportedly has a tone reminiscent of the Pirates of the Caribbean films.” And if that doesn’t sound enough like something you’d rather gouge your eyes out than watch, try this one for size: “Sony reportedly paid $2m in October for a script titled Hood, pitched as a jumping off point for a huge Avengers-style Robin Hood ‘universe.’” This follows last summer’s news that Universal is rebooting their classic monster movies (Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolf Man, et. al.) to create, yes, a Marvel-style “interconnected slate of Monster films.” Everything’s connected now, you guys! Everything’s like Marvel! Everything’s a cinematic universe! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go jump out a window. But first… … Read More

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Illustrations of Disney Icons as Collegiate Characters

Deviant Artist Hyung plucked Disney characters out of the movies and set them on university campuses across America. These animated icons have been given a stylish and youthful makeover à la Monsters University. Hyung has even conceived of an updated storyline for each character — like Snow White, who sings in the school choir with Sleeping Beauty‘s Aurora and volunteers at the Animal Welfare Association on campus with Kenai and Pocahontas on weekends. You can explore the narratives on Hyung’s Deviant Art page, which we learned about from Design You Trust, but we enjoy the artist’s collegiate illustrations on their own. Take a closer look, below. … Read More

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Voice Actors Who Look Like Their Characters

Every now and then, a voice actor will bear an absurd resemblance to the cartoon character he or she plays. Although we’re aware that the characters at hand were likely animated with the voice actors’ features in mind, we still enjoyed discovering how much Snow White looks like the woman who provides her voice, Adriana Caselotti, and how much Up’s Carl Fredricksen looks like Ed Asner with glasses. After the jump, we’ve placed a collection of famous cartoon characters side by side with their voice actor twins. Check ’em out, and hit the comments to add any other character and actor combinations that you’ve found to be similarly fascinating. … Read More

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Literary Favorites Illustrated Muppets-Style

When he’s not busy creating covers for IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles micro series, writing and illustrating his Eisner award-winning comic book fantasy series Mouse Guard, and contributing to Free Comic Book Day, Michigan artist David Petersen is making us fall in love with his literary-inspired Muppets illustrations. We first spotted Petersen’s mashup covers on io9 and fell hard for Kermit, Miss Piggy, and the gang as characters out of Snow White, Robin Hood, King Arthur, and other treasured tales. The covers were created for BOOM! Studios, but with this kind of loving attention it’s clear that Petersen is a fellow puppet fiend. Check out our gallery below, smile like crazy, and then head to the artist’s website for more great artwork. … Read More

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Watch the Trailer for Tarsem Singh’s ‘Snow White’ Adaptation

Everything’s coming up Snow White these days, with multiple competing fairy tale adaptations about the fair princess. We recently saw the trailer for Universal’s Snow White and the Huntsman, which finds Twilight‘s Kristen Stewart as the princess — except she has a sword and kicks all kinds of ass alongside Thor‘s Chris Hemsworth. It’s definitely a much different movie than Tarsem Singh’s adaptation of the Brothers Grimm story — which the director is aiming at children — but it’s hard not to compare the two pictures. Featuring Phil Collins’ daughter Lily in the lead role, the trailer for Mirror, Mirror has finally arrived.

The Cell director’s grand, lush visual style is definitely on display here, but there’s a whole lot of awkward Julia Roberts humor (she plays the evil queen). Still, kids will probably love it, and they deserve something stunning to look at. (Hopefully they don’t get the Scarface joke, though.) The Social Network’s Armie Hammer features as the prince, Sean Bean stars as the king, and Nathan Lane takes on a character named Brighton (huh?). Hit the jump for a preview, and then revisit the other Snow White trailer for a comparison. Mirror, Mirror hits theaters on March 16, 2012. … Read More

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20 Awesome High-End Halloween Costumes

If you’re not über crafty, fashioning a unique Halloween costume that sets you apart from the pack of party-store drones could pose a problem. Thankfully, there’s an army of skilled crafters and artisans who are willing and able to bring your fantasy Haunting Season ensemble to life — for a price. In case you have some extra dough lying around, we’ve followed up last year’s incredible list of high-end Halloween costumes with a gallery featuring extravagant Beetlejuice, My Little Pony, and Muppets-inspired outfits of the hand-crafted variety after the jump. … Read More

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Matthew Cox’s Embroidered X-Rays

Philadelphia-based artist Matthew Cox swirls together contradictions in his latest series, Embroidered X-Rays. Weaving embroidery thread into plastic, skeletal slides, Cox’s collection provides an odd juxtaposition, both visually and conceptually, the vibrant colors and familiar characters setting a playful mood while the X-rays remain cold and clinical. “Stitching has a nurturing aspect,” Cox has said of his work, “and acts as care giving or healing to the injured, a socially feminine sort of action, while the X-ray itself can be considered masculine and unemotional.” The intricately made collection not only includes original embroidered portraits, but pop-culture ones as well, with David Bowie, Snow White, and Miss Piggy grafted onto chest X-rays. Examine some of Cox’s most fascinating pieces after the jump. … Read More

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See ‘Snow White’s’ Evil Witch Brought to Life

German digital artist Sven Geruschkat brings characters to life for videogames, television, and more through the magic of CGI. One character in particular caught our eye. Geruschkat has created a hyper realistic portrait of the evil witch from the animated classic, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Disney artist Joe Grant helped conjure the wicked witch for the Mickey Mouse studio’s 1937 film and would probably approve of Geruschkat’s super creepy version. The artist starts with a digital wire frame, much like you would when creating a sculpture armature. Then he adds shading and other fine details, building the character from the “skeleton” out. This is one of those instances when CGI is a pretty cool thing and doesn’t involve giant robots beating the crap out of each other. Check out Geruschkat’s process after the jump. … Read More

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Gorgeous 3D Illustrations for Classic Children's Books

If you’re feeling nostalgic for childhood stories, then Jayme McGowan, the creative spirit behind Roadside Projects, is the artist for you!  Drawing inspiration from fables, novels and fairy tales, the Sacramento-stationed illustrator creates gorgeous, kaleidoscopic-hued 3D illustrations. For her Paper Dahls series, McGowan tears the magical worlds of Roald Dahl off the page, depicting scenes from Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and more. She has also taken on Where The Wild Things Are, dabbled in fairy tales with Little Red Riding Hood, and produced odes to Disney’s Snow White and Alice In Wonderland. Relive your adored childhood book memories after the cut. … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds In Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we decided that President Obama might have the most adorable baby pictures that we’ve ever seen. We celebrated Catch-22‘s 50th anniversary with a list of other popular books that have entered the vernacular. We couldn’t believe that there’s yet another Snow White movie in the works.… Read More

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