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Spike Lee’s Timely Diversity Comments Deserve Better Than an Honorary Oscars Ceremony No One Got to See


Last weekend, Spike Lee finally got an Oscar. Sure, it followed his losses for Best Original Screenplay for Do the Right Thing and Best Documentary for 4 Little Girls (to say nothing of the trophies he deserved and wasn’t even nominated for, for Malcolm X and 25th Hour and so many more); it was an Honorary Award, presented to the filmmaker in recognition of his full body of work. And while it doesn’t negate his previous slights, what the hell, it’s also the only Oscar they gave Hawks, Altman, or Lumet, so he’s in good company. The difference, however, is that we got to see those iconic filmmakers receive their only Academy Award — and that’s no longer the case, which is particularly galling considering the importance of what Lee chose to tell his movie-making peers.
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