David Chase Says the Final Scene of ‘Sopranos’ Is All About “Don’t Stop Believing”

June 10, 2007, was perhaps the biggest blackout in American history. No — it wasn’t some national power outage,… Read More

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10 Career-Changing Music Moments in the Last 10 Years of TV

In the early 2000s, TV went through a transformation to become a medium capable of artistic achievement on par with film. The power of television has not always been harnessed when it comes to music, but the change in TV coincided with its emergence as a platform as powerful as radio in breaking new artists to the masses. Today the game continues, with music supervisors being courted by labels as much, if not more, than tastemaking rock writers. The power of TV is such that it can both break new artists and reinvent old hits like “Baby Blue” and “Don’t Stop Believin'” for new generations. And so, we’ve put together a list of ten music moments on TV in the last ten years that were not only memorable, but that actually altered an artist’s… Read More

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20 of the Best Closing Scenes in Television

After recently taking a look at some of our favorite TV pilot opening scenes, we decided it would only be fitting to look at some of our favorite closers across history. Some are wholly satisfying for their sense of closure after a long ride with characters we came to know and love, while others are equally poignant for their ambiguity, often thanks to early cancellation. Although these are just the final moments, revisiting these scenes has been enough to make us laugh, cry, and get thoroughly freaked out all over again, and we hope that perhaps they can provide you some healthy catharsis, too. Have a favorite we missed? Let us know in the comments — and beware that this post is, for obvious reasons, full of spoilers. … Read More

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Exclusive Supercut: The Wisdom of Our TV Mothers

If there’s one thing moms love to give, it’s advice. This Mother’s Day we’re repaying the gift by celebrating the pantheon of great (and famously not-so-great) TV mothers and the wisdom they’ve bestowed over the years, on topics ranging from defeatism and birth control to gender equality and community chip bowls/showers. In our Mother’s Day supercut, you’ll also learn about the perilous nature of back-talk, taking a joke too far, and listening to Betty Draper. We hope you’ll tell us about the television mothers you’re most thankful for in the comments, because lord knows they don’t hear it enough. … Read More

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