Spider-Man’s Dead Girlfriend Resurrected as Superhero

Forty-two years after Gwen Stacy, Spider-Man’s pre-MJ squeeze, met an untimely demise in The Amazing Spiderman #121, the character has… Read More

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Stunning Portraits Depict Superheroes as the Subjects of Delicate Flemish Paintings

If you were The Hulk, wouldn’t you tire of the constant, uncontrolled transformation into a green version of the Governator? Wouldn’t people’s reliance on your pea-colored, tumescent masculinity get a little old? And eventually, wouldn’t you just want to hop over to the Renaissance Faire, buy a pretty ruff, some breeches, and sit for a portrait that’d express not just your superhuman physique, but also the inner turmoil (and, perhaps, the inner Renaissance fetish) that physique stirs? … Read More

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Eye-Catching Portraits of Superheroes and Their Alter Egos

Designer and animator Coran “Kizer” Stone is clearly a superhero fan, but he’s also interested in what everyone’s favorite costumed crime fighters look like on their days off. With his Alter Egos illustration series, Stone juxtaposes straightforward renditions of favorites from Batman to the Flash with plainclothes portraits of billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne, forensic scientist Barry Allen, and other everyday identities of characters from both the DC and Marvel universes. Stone doesn’t limit his subjects to the heroes, either; both expert thief Catwoman and alien life form Venom make appearances in the series. Click through for the full Alter Egos series, and check out Stone’s DeviantArt and Blogspot sites for more comic-inspired illustrations.  … Read More

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‘Game of Thrones’ Style House Flags For Your Favorite Pop Culture Characters

Now that HBO’s Game of Thrones has earned worldwide popularity, the concept of house sigils and house sayings has wormed its way into just about everyone’s consciousness — so perhaps its natural that artists would start speculating as to the sigils of other pop culture standbys. To that end, Miguel Lokia, whose work we spotted over at The High Definite, has created a delightfully fun series of GOT-style house flags for some of your favorite superheroes, action stars, and exceedingly grumpy doctors — managing to give proper tribute and be a little bit irreverent all at the same time. Check out a few of our favorites after the jump, and then be sure to head here to see the whole series. … Read More

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Your Favorite Superheroes Sporting Awesome Moustaches

Yesterday, as you may know, was the last day of Movember, so this morning dudes everywhere will finally be giving their faces a well-deserved shave. But wait! How did your favorite superheroes (and Yoda, just because) do this month? Wes Montgomery knows, and has documented the results in his cheeky series Superstaches, which he describes as “famous characters rendered a bit more classy.” We can’t say we disagree, and as far as we’re concerned these particular moustaches are appropriate year-round. Click through to check out some highly manly supermen, and then be sure to head on over to Montgomery’s website to see even more of his awesome work. … Read More

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Upsetting Knit Sculptures of Childhood Heroes Fallen on Hard Times

If you have a strong connection to your stuffed Pooh bear, you’d better look away now. In knitwork artist Patricia Waller’s Broken Heroes series, now up at Berlin’s Galerie Deschler, which we recently spotted over at We Heart, your childhood heroes have fallen on some hard times — Bert is scruff-faced on the street and Ernie-less, Superman has made a serious miscalculation in his navigation, and we’re not even sure how Spider-Man got into that position. Waller’s witty pieces range from lighthearted to incredibly dark, but they’re all imbued with a twisted commentary on the one-dimensional personas of pop culture standbys. Click through to be shocked by how far cartoons can really fall, and then if you haven’t had enough, head over to Waller’s website to see more of her work. … Read More

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Superheroes Lurking in Vintage War Photographs

How would the major events of the world have been changed if superheroes truly existed? We may never know, but Indonesian photographer Agan Harahap, whose work we first spotted over at Design Taxi, takes a step towards imagining what it might have been like with these incredible vintage photos of World War II, manipulated to include superheroes and movie villains getting a piece of the action. The photos range from hilarious to poignant and even slightly disturbing — Batman giving orders to the paratroopers at Greenham airfield, Darth Vader sitting for pictures at Yalta, Captain American infiltrating a Russian prisoner-of-war camp — and a few of them make us feel a little better that superheroes don’t actually exist. After all, you never know whose side they might wind up on. … Read More

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Ben Balistreri’s Redesigns of Beloved Marvel Comics Superheroes

DreamWorks Animation storyboard artist and character designer Ben Balistreri is in the process of redesigning a whopping 50 of his favorite superheroes from Marvel Comics. Inspired by his long-running adoration of the comics giant, and dream to one day illustrate a Marvel comic of his own, Balistreri has released the first 25 designs — each tinged with a cartoon aesthetic and cool, vintage feel. So far, the Emmy-winning artist has recreated beloved comic staples such as The Incredible Hulk, Mysterio from Spider-Man, and a slew of X-Men mutants including Rogue, Cyclops, and Beast. Once the collection is complete, Balistreri will auction off the originals and donate the proceeds to MS research. See your favorite superheroes get a retro makeover below, and visit Balistreri’s blog for more. … Read More

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Michael Anderson’s Street Poster Art

“I make art about the world we live in,” says New York-based artist Michael Anderson. The renegade appropriation-artist makes massive paper collages from street advertisements, maps, stickers, and magazine images that are full of pop culture content and urban angst. Populated by a diverse mix of characters — including Lady Gaga, Snoop Dogg, Britney Spears, John Lennon, Spider-Man, and Derek Jeter — Anderson’s mosaic-like collages become lively, abstract realms for celebrities and heroes to surrealistically inhabit. … Read More

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Everything You Need to Know About the Spider-man Musical Haters (In Just Four Steps)

The Spider-man musical is about to open after eight years in the making — and we can’t say we’re too thrilled about it! The project, helmed by Julie Taymor and composed by Bono and The Edge, has received an amazing amount of negative press and commentary about its delays, dropouts and grandiose nature, all of which might become forgotten history once the show opens to cries of “Genius!” and “Spectacle!” There’s no denying that the show will be a feat, and perhaps a greatly-enjoyable one. But for now, there’s still a window of time in which to wonder why it can’t seem to find a way out of critical skepticism and cynicism despite its near-guaranteed awesomeness.

The $70 million dollar project was the subject of a conflicted profile in New York magazine this week, and while reading it, we finally understood why it’s so hard to muster enthusiasm about a project that will surely be majestic in scope and innovative in form. The profile contains a few key quotes that tell you all you need in order to understand why the Broadway world isn’t rallying behind this show with optimism, but rather plaguing it with cynicism — sometimes in contradictory ways. … Read More

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