The Weirdest Romantic-Horror Relationships on Film

Part Richard Linklater love story, part Cronenbergian horror film, Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead’s Spring — in theaters this weekend — follows the bizarre development of a fling between an American backpacker and mysterious woman in Italy who hides a dark, primordial secret. It’s an unusual romantic tale that follows in the footsteps of some of horror cinema’s strangest couples. Here are ten of the weirdest. … Read More

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Vintage Photos of Spring Breakers

Spring break season is upon us — a time when students everywhere step away from the books to decompress and indulge. Films like Spring Breakers paint a colorful picture of the MTV generation binging on drink, drugs, and sex once the temperature starts to rise and their weeklong break from the stresses of school affords them the freedom to sow their wild oats. Were the students in past a tamer bunch? Celebrations seem wilder these days, but some things never change — as evidenced by these vintage photos of spring breakers ready to get their party on. … Read More

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10 Creepy Pop Culture Bunnies

Whether you’re celebrating Easter as a religious holiday or a Hallmark holiday — and an excuse to eat yourself into a chocolate-induced coma — spring has sprung. We’d like to believe that bunnies lay jellybean eggs and cluck like chickens on occasion, but pop culture has shown us that the cute and fuzzy creatures can actually be quite creepy. While you’re scouring the Internet for photos of children being terrorized by people in bunny costumes this morning, take a look back at these TV shows and movies that featured frightening rabbits. … Read More

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Spring Is Here: Art and Books About Plants at the Standard Hollywood

In collaboration with Lauren Spencer King, LA-based artist Lili Cuzor brings Plants: Our Silent Guardians to the Standard Hollywood, just in time for spring. Coinciding with the artist’s installation is Claire Cottrell’s thoughtful collection of art books about plants, wildflowers, herbs, and more in BOOK STAND’s month-long retail space at the Standard. … Read More

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What's On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds In Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we chatted about the meaning of “pink slime” and other amusing vernacular. We found out which search engine’s users are the most racist. We reviewed this unabashedly honest Spring checklist. We wanted this sleek, limited edition Scrabble Typography set. We saw through the eyes of… Read More

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The Perfect Art for the First Day of Spring

We made it, you guys! The Vernal Equinox is upon us and it’s officially the first day of spring, so break out the short shorts, erect a pagan temple, put on some Donna Summer or whatever it is you do to celebrate. We’ve been basking in spurts of unprecedented warm weather nationwide. To help deter worrisome thoughts of climate change implications, we’ve made you this happy-happy, blooming arrangement of art that reminds us of springtime. From Botticelli to Koons, take a peak in our slideshow and let us know if we missed someone in the comment section. … Read More

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Flickr Found Photo Fridays: Spring Fever

As we look out the window, New York is bleak and gray. The forecast for the weekend is rain, rain, and more rain. Sigh. In hopes of preempting the arrival of spring, we decided to look at pretty pictures of plants in bloom and baby animals on Flickr — but when we searched the term, tulips, sunshine, and lambs weren’t exactly what we found. Check out the pictures that took us by surprise in our latest edition of Found Photo Fridays after the jump. … Read More

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