Star Wars

The 10 Best Uncredited Film Performances by Famous Actors


The third-act appearance of Kevin Spacey as ‘Seven’ killer John Doe blindsided opening weekend audiences, since Spacey was unbilled on posters and in the opening credits, and unseen in the trailers and TV spots. It’s a good trick—and part of a long-running tradition of surprise, unbilled appearances by actors and actresses of note. …Read More

‘Star Wars’ Has an Official Makeup Line: Links You Need to See


Easy, breezy, beautiful… android? iO9 reports that the Star Wars franchise has entered a whole new realm of merchandising by partnering with CoverGirl cosmetics. The full campaign won’t be revealed until Allure rolls it out, but the line includes lipstick, nail glosses, and mascara with quotes from The Force Awakens on the tubes to drive speculation even higher. Props to Star Wars for marketing outside the stereotypical geek demographic, though.
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