Star Wars

‘Star Wars’ Meets Kids’ Imaginations in Craig Davison’s Evocative Paintings

If your childhood entailed a healthy mix of both getting lost in Nintendo and playing outside with your tangible friends, then British artist Craig Davison‘s Star Wars paintings will warm your heart and simultaneously make you wish that paper-towel rolls could still transform into lightsabers. In Davison’s series, pre-tweens use their imaginations to travel to a galaxy far, far away and craftily become beloved characters from George Lucas’ epic Star Wars universe. Clicking through the slideshow, you’ll encounter a makeshift Luke Skywalker (using Grandpa’s cane as a lightsaber), Yoda (with ears made from clothespins), R2-D2 (whose rotund head is crafted with a bowl), Princess Leia (toting a hair-dryer gun), Darth Vaders in hoodies, and spacecrafts made from the lids of trashcans. Prints of Davison’s work are available to purchase online from the ArtMarket and The Hawthorn Gallery websites. Feel the force! … Read More

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How Would Radiohead’s “Karma Police” Look as a Painting?: Links You Need to See

Summer is finally settling down around us, and the warm weather will probably have you thinking about all the awesome things you want to do, while simultaneously distracting you from actually doing any of it. If one of your goals for something to pretend to be interested in accomplishing this Summer is writing, then you should read these rather educational pretend-letters between Hemingway and Fitzgerald about The Great Gatsby.  … Read More

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Move Over, Black Widow: The Biggest Sluts in Action and Superhero History

“But, Conan, if you slept with four of the six Avengers, no matter how much fun you had, you’d be a slut… I’d be a slut.” — Jeremy Renner to Conan O’Brien, May 2015.

Jeremy Renner is working hard to advance an equal-opportunity definition of the loaded term “slut.” He even thinks that he’d count as a slut if he fictionally slept with fictional characters. So to honor his valiant crusade, and prove that he wasn’t singling out Black Widow because of gender or objectification or anything mean like that, we’re taking a look at the biggest sluts in action movie history, regardless of gender. … Read More

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Predicting the Future and Finding the Past on Wikipedia: Links You Need to See

Ten years ago, you might have imagined that in the future, we’d have flying cars or hover boards — instead of selfie sticks and a panoply of other selfie-enabling devices. If this disparity between projected future and actual future continues to baffle you, take a look at this piece examining the fact that science is just very bad — generally — at predicting the future. On the bright side, this means that perhaps we can avoid any Ex Machina-type situations. Keep moving ahead into the future with this piece on how digital storytelling is reviving the ancient practice of gossip. … Read More

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Celebrating ‘Star Wars’ and Simulating Death: Links You Need To See

You’ve most likely seen someone posting “May the 4th be with you” at some point on some form of social media today. Should you choose to embrace the “4th,” start with these videos of the Star Wars brass burst set to iconic film moments to affirm how Star Wars makes everything better. Of course, it’s hard to discuss Star Wars seriously without mentioning how bad the prequels were, but fans can look forward to the fact that at least J. J. Abrams is thinking about killing Jar Jar Binks. … Read More

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‘The Force Awakens’ Photo Shoot Reveals a Bounty of New Character Info

The release of J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens  is slowly approaching, and

And Oscar Isaac is seen hanging off… Read More

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Faking Your Way Through High Art: Links You Need To See

The success of the Internet has been dependent upon the fact that we all read the Internet to pretend that we know more about all the things that we actually know nothing about. It’s the same as skimming the Times for headlines or, I don’t know, looking at your 2002-era RSS feed for 175 words about something that you don’t care about but that you know will be talked about around the water cooler, or the stapler, or Stacey’s birthday cake that nobody wants to eat while other people are in the room. … Read More

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“And That’s How I Got To Be Rich”: George Lucas and Stephen Colbert on the New ‘Star Wars,’ Critics, and Those Special Editions

Okay, first things first: George Lucas has not yet seen the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer that we all lost our minds over this week. But, as with that brief tempest-in-a-teapot over not seeing the last one, it’s not a question of snubbing, but of trailer-viewing preference. “I just saw it on CBS, but I’m gonna try to look at it,” he told Stephen Colbert at a Tribeca Film Festival “Tribeca Talks” conversation Friday afternoon, explaining, “I want to see it on the big screen.”

“I’ve got it on my phone,” Colbert interjected, taking out his device helpfully. … Read More

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