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In a Historic Election Year, Will We See Culture That Celebrates Female Solidarity?


At the beginning of last year, I eagerly anticipated the rise of the “female fuckup,” a character that I predicted would spread from films like Bridesmaids and shows like Girls to all corners of mainstream culture, hopefully diversifying as she went. Rather than just being a “badass” and reflecting another recent cultural trend, 2015’s most celebrated woman could simply be bad at whatever she was trying to do.
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‘Dazed and Confused,’ ‘Cool Runnings,’ ‘Karate Kid,’ and More of Pop Culture’s ‘Great Showdowns’


This fall saw the release of a new volume, Great Showdowns: The Revenge, in which Scott C brings to life, in his inimitable style, scenes from everything from Dazed and Confused to Oldboy to The Empire Strikes Back. The fine folks at Titan Books were kind enough to share a few images from the book; these are some of our favorites. …Read More