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Jon Stewart Picked the Perfect Moment to Leave ‘The Daily Show’

Comedy, as even the greenest open-mic comic can tell you, is all about timing. And timing isn’t just about how long to pause before a punchline or how long to let a heckler ramble before clobbering them; it’s about knowing when to get the hell offstage, and how to close with your strongest material. For just over 16 years now, Jon Stewart has carved out an inestimable niche as a satirist, media commentator, and talk show host — but he’s still a stand-up comedian at heart, and you’ve gotta give his surprising-but-not-surprising Daily Show retirement announcement this much: it’s perfectly timed. After a decade and a half of exquisitely executed double takes and deadpans, Stewart knew when it was time to say, “Thank you, goodnight!” and head to the… Read More

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Larry Wilmore’s First ‘Nightly Show': Not Perfect, But Very Promising

With the instant feedback of Twitter and recaps passing firm judgment from the very first moments of a new television show, pressure is immense on the new crop of late-night talkers — Larry Wilmore’s Nightly Show, James Corden’s Late Late Show, and Stephen Colbert’s Late Show — to hit the ground running; you can hardly imagine these hosts getting the weeks (or even months) that it took for Conan O’Brien or David Letterman to find their footing, their voice, and their shows. So it’s worth nothing that the very first joke on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore was this quote-worthy barb, on the troublingly homogenous Oscar nominations: “They’re so white, a grand jury has decided not to indict them.” In its inaugural outing, Wilmore’s show still displayed some roughness (or, more accurately, a bit too much smoothness). But at its best, The Nightly Show brings a welcome edge and missing voice to the late-night landscape. Or, as Wilmore put it, “It’s Comedy Central’s worst nightmare: a brother finally gets a show on late-night TV! But of course, he’s gotta work on Martin Luther King Day. Let’s do this!” … Read More

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The Steep Inclines, and Ultimate Decline, in Most Celebrity Journeys: Links You Need to See

This was a weird year. In a way, every year is weird — taking 365 days, grouping them all together, and analyzing them collectively will always result in weird, outlier-ridden statistics. And yet, the fact of the matter is that public figures as fundamentally different as Scott Stapp, Kim Kardashian, and Meghan Trainor all had some cultural weight this year. … Read More

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The ‘Colbert Report’ Finale Was a Fitting Tribute to the Show’s Overstated — and Understated — Legacy

Last night, The Colbert Report ended after ten seasons and 1,447 episodes on Comedy Central. “When this show began, I promised you a revolution,” Stephen Colbert said during his final “The Word” segment. “And I delivered, because technically one revolution is 360 degrees right back to where we were.” In keeping with his “Colbert” character, he’s both right and wrong, giving himself too much credit and too little at the same time — and aware that, as much as he boasts about this “revolution,” his show did little to change the actual world. The Colbert Report was not the political revolution that Conservative pundit “Colbert” imagined; it was, at least, a tiny revolution for both Comedy Central and fake news. … Read More

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The Spiritual Ennui of Stephen Colbert’s High-Wire Performance

Goodbye, “Stephen Colbert!” Hello Stephen Colbert, person and brand new host of the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. On the occasion of the passing of “Stephen Colbert” — pronounced the French way, name always in scare quotes — a significant amount of ink has been spilled on his genius; however, we also noticed that when it came to the Flavorwire staff, a significant amount of us had, well, fatigue regarding the “Stephen Colbert” narrative as the rogue truthiness hero in the media. Can you keep well-honed satire sharp and dangerous for nearly a decade? Should you? While there’s no denying that “Stephen Colbert” was a performance for the ages, are we going to miss The Colbert Report? Here are some reasons why we’re ready for Stephen Colbert, the man. … Read More

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Farewell “Stephen Colbert,” Feminist Ally and Preserver of Sanity

This week we say goodbye to “Stephen Colbert,” the persona who has, with unending, high-octane bluster and faux ignorance, regaled us from the bully pulpit of his nightly show.

I will miss him terribly, though, the truth is,  I haven’t watched The Colbert Report regularly in several years — I usually tune in when a friend tells me to watch a specific segment. I don’t seek catharsis about the day’s news just before bed these days; rather, I want to forget the day with sitcom reruns, my DVR queue, or a good novel (for that reason, I have also given up any regular viewing of the MSNBC nightly lineup or The Daily Show). In some ways, Twitter’s endless quip competition around the day’s doings has replaced that sort of ritual for me. But that further demonstrates that Colbert’s humor shaped the way we think about news and social justice. … Read More

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Stephen Colbert Has Announced All of the ‘Colbert Report’s’ Final Guests

The Colbert Report, against all odds, became as much of a cultural institution as its father program, The Daily Show. When word… Read More

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