Stephen Malkmus

Stephen Malkmus Covered Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” for Some Kids

Former Pavement frontman and current Jicks frontman Stephen Malkmus is known more for his irreverent, biting lyricism and living… Read More

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The 15 Best Stephen Malkmus Songs, Ranked

Stephen Malkmus nerds fans rejoiced last week when the former/sometimes Pavement frontman released his latest solo album, Wig Out at Jagbags. The latest LP with his backing band The Jicks, whose titled parodies that of Dag Nasty’s classic hardcore album, Wig Out at Denko’s, sees Malkmus and co. relying a little less on the Grateful Dead-esque jam sound they’ve made their own (although The Dead do get mentioned in the track “Lariat”). Instead, we get a jambalaya of influences and nods that venture into Steely Dan territory, while still remaining undeniably Malkmus, and owing a debt to his ’90s indie heartthrob days. But where does it rank among his best material? Click through to see if any songs from Jagbags turn up on our list of Malkmus’ top 15 tracks of all time. … Read More

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Why Does the Music World Idealize Teen Culture But Ignore Real Teenagers?

Barely a week goes by without some old white man castigating the yoof of today on the shallowness/stupidity/etc. of their taste in music, art and culture in general. It’s a narrative as old as culture itself — adults throwing up their hands in despair because Kids These Days just don’t get it. These pieces are reliably asinine, occasionally descend to the level of outright self-parody, and are lots of fun to deconstruct and ridicule. But actually, they’re only one manifestation of a wider cultural malaise: adults holding forth on teen culture as if they have the remotest idea what they’re talking about. … Read More

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Famous Musicians’ Totally Square High School Yearbook Photos

This week, we saw this surprisingly normal, All-American photo of Pavement frontman Stephen Malkmus over at Vol. 1 Brooklyn, and we were impressed by his enduring handsomeness — not to mention his ability to turn those squeaky clean Beach Boy vibes into an indie rockstar persona. Inspired, we started wondering what other famous musicians were like in high school — or at least what they looked like — and we were totally surprised by what we found: they were nerds, average joes, and goody-two-shoes kids, just like us! Or at least they look that way from their high school yearbook photos, which as we all know, reflect the sharpest version of reality. From the adorably square to the just aggressively normal, click through to take a peek at some of your favorite musicians’ dorky high school yearbook photos. It’s true what they say — we all go through an awkward phase. If only we could all come out of it looking like Beyoncé. … Read More

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5 Albums to Stream for Free This Week: Stephen Malkmus, The War on Drugs

Every Monday we scour the internet for a selection of what’s streaming for free this week, in search of records that are noteworthy releases or just plain good listening (or, ideally, both). This week we’ve got ye olde Stephen Malkmus back with a new record — produced by Beck, incidentally — along with Adam Granduciel’s ongoing War on Drugs, new albums from Hercules & Love Affair and Active Child, and a bunch of people doing, um, Muppets covers. It’s all after the jump, so get a-clicking! … Read More

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The Morning's Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. Frequent collaborators James Franco and performance artist Kalup Linzy are planning to release a three-song, limited-edition EP entitled Turn It Up on July 12th. The pair will be shooting video clips for each of the songs, and promise some “surprise guest cameos.” [via PopEater]

2. Both BBC programming chief Sam Hodges and… Read More

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A Dummy’s Guide to Beck’s Many Collaborations

On the same day that Demolished Thoughts, the album he produced for Thurston Moore, hits stores comes news of yet another high-profile Beck collaboration: He’s producing Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks’ new record, Mirror Magic. To tide us over until that album’s release, August 23, we’re taking a look back at Beck’s rich history of working with other artists. From Calvin Johnson in 1994 to Moore in 2011, we present a fairly comprehensive guide to Beck’s collaborations. … Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. Will Ferrell is headed to The Office for four upcoming episodes this season; he’ll play a branch manager from the home office who is just as inappropriate as Michael Scott. [via Deadline]

2. “At this point, Stephen [Malkmus] does not write songs for Pavement anymore, or songs in the Pavement mindset. I… Read More

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