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Revealing Behind-the-Scenes Photos from ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’

For most of us, Raiders of the Lost Ark was a childhood staple of adventure and movie magic as only the tag team of Stephen Spielberg and George Lucas could create it. But while the melting head of a Nazi agent once terrified and fascinated us, we’re no longer quite as impressed with the visual effects, except for their abundant early-80s charm. That said, we’re still tickled over these behind-the-scenes photos dug up by Retronaut, which feature Harrison Ford moodily taking direction, cast and crew hanging out on set, and that famous golden idol looking a little less golden. It’s as close as we can get to getting the gang back together. After the jump, see a few of our favorite shots, and head on over to Retronaut to see even more. … Read More

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25 Behind-the-Scenes Movie Photos That Will Mess With Your Mind

[Editor’s note: It’s Labor Day, so your devoted Flavorwire team is taking a break. To keep you entertained, we’re leaving you with our most popular features of the summer months. This post originally ran July 30th.] If you’re a regular Flavorwire reader, then you already know that we love behind-the-scenes photos from classic (and cult classic) films. We can’t get enough of seeing great directors at work and movie stars laughing it up between takes, but the set photos we like best are the ones that mess with our mind. These are the pictures that cast our favorite cinematic moments in a new light, exposing some epic landscape shot for the scale model it is or revealing that some iconic outdoor scenes were actually created in the controlled environment of the studio or merely reminding us that intimate exchanges between lovers are usually filmed with a full crew. After the jump, we round up 25 behind-the-scenes snaps sure to take you right out of the movie. … Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. If you were curious what was going to happen to Jonah Lehrer’s career once the dust settled from his recent self-plagiarizing and quote fabricating scandals, it turns out that he’ll still be writing features for Wired, where he’s currently under contract. [via BuzzFeed]

2. Three plays performed last year in London’s Globe… Read More

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What Was the All-Time Best Summer for Movies?

[Editor’s note: Your devoted Flavorwire team is taking Memorial Day off, but we’ve left you with some of our favorite summer-related features that you may have missed the first time around. This post originally ran April 24, 2012. Enjoy!]

We’ve made clear, on several occasions, our deep affection for Austin’s (and soon to be New York’s) Alamo Drafthouse, a venue that has, year after year, taken cinema obsession and programming ingenuity to new heights. This summer, however, they’ve outdone themselves: they’re paying a 30th anniversary tribute to the summer of 1982 with a series of 35mm screenings, timed to the original opening weekends of the movies that made up, in their words, “the greatest summer of movies… ever.”

That, friends, is a tall claim, and one that we felt required further investigation. After the jump, we’ve assembled ten possible contenders for that crown, along with the highlights of that particular season of movie-going; cast your ballots (or add your own alternates) in the comments. … Read More

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Video of the Day: Jeff Goldblum as Dracula in 1996 Video Game

The title of i09’s post about Jeff Goldblum’s appearance in a Goosebumps video game may have been changed before publication, but its URL tells us how they really feel:!5791286/jeff-goldblum-as-dracula-in-a-1996-goosebumps-computer-game-is-weirdly-erotic. Back in 1996, Steven Spielberg was producing the video game version of R. L. Stine’s kiddie horror novels, which means he was able to secure cameos from Jeff Goldblum, Isabella Rosselini, and some other adult actors eight-year-old probably didn’t care about. And, as PopMatters noticed, Goldblum’s appearance as Dracula really something special. He mugs, he flashes fang, he mutters — and then he sweeps the game’s tween heroine into a waltz of seduction. “Weirdly erotic” or just plain weird? Either way, we’re sure we’ll be seeing this one in our nightmares. … Read More

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Marty and The Rolling Stones Reunite, and Other Hollywood News

Scorsese scores another Stones film: Apparently MICK JAGGER can’t get no satisfaction with documentaries. SHINE A LIGHT — MARTIN SCORSESE’s film that follows THE ROLLING STONES for two gigs — came out earlier this year, but Jagger’s in talks with the director again. He is allegedly buying up biographies in preparation for another film and has said he wished he could change things on Shine a Light.

Maybe this is how he makes amends: he makes another movie. [Gigwise] … Read More

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