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10 Striking Works of Larger-Than-Life Street Art

Artists are finding new and exciting ways to capture our imaginations thanks to the proliferation of street art around the world. Street art engages the public, public space, multimedia concepts, and can indulge in the boundarylessness of the city streets, sprawling just as the architecture of the urban jungle does. These street artists show how the art form is growing, not only in popularity and acceptance, but also in size. After spotting a new piece from French street artist JR that made the cover of the New York Times Magazine (featured, below), we explored other large-scale street art works that use painting, installation, performance, and sculpture to play with scale and perception. … Read More

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The Best Graffiti in Cinema

Presented by HBO

For a month last summer, New Yorkers were absolutely consumed with all things Banksy. The acclaimed British street artist had come to NYC for a citywide “residency,” and his works popped up all over the city. HBO’s new user-generated documentary, Banksy Does New York (airing tonight at 9pm), recounts those halcyon days of stencils, street art, and secret identities. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to graffiti on film. We’ve rounded up seven more movies to check out, that will ensure you get your street-art fix. … Read More

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Water Gets a Street Art Makeover

Presented by Perrier

Perrier® sparkling natural mineral water has a long history of collaborating with renowned artists, from Warhol to Dali, and now it has turned to three internationally acclaimed street artists to re-imagine their iconic green water bottles and cans. JonOne (NYC/Paris), enhanced the glass bottle with bold, abstract designs; Sasu (Tokyo) adorned the plastic bottle with colorful geometrics; while Kobra (São Paulo) enriched the slim can with dynamic patterns. Check out all the #StreetArtbyPerrier bottles now, for a limited time. Which is your fave?

Check out behind-the-scenes video from the three artists, as well as some pics of their other work, to get an idea of the talent behind these exciting, limited-edition looks. … Read More

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Delightful GIFs Bring Street Art to Life

Just as street art livens up urban landscapes, A.L. Creg livens up street art. The Spanish photographer and motion designer transforms the still images that decorate cities into playful animated GIFs. Click through to see some of Creg’s best work, spotted via My Modern Met, and follow him on Tumblr for updates. … Read More

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New York City as Canvas: Martin Wong’s Golden-Era Graffiti Collection

Although it can’t claim to be the birthplace of graffiti, New York City in the 1970s and 1980s saw street art become a movement, made Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring into worldwide art stars, and laid the groundwork for Shepard Fairey and Banksy to become household names. … Read More

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Playful GIFs of Iconic Banksy Artworks

Banksy’s lauded (and controversial) New York residency has come to an end, but you can enjoy the British graffiti artist’s work in endlessly animated form thanks to these GIFs from artist ABVH — which we spotted on Beautiful Decay. Several of Banksy’s iconic pieces have been given new life — and the looping format really suits the street artist’s absurdist imagery. Find a new appreciation for Banksy with these playful, animated artworks in our gallery. … Read More

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Surreal Snapshots of Anamorphic Graffiti in Abandoned Spaces

Fanette Guilloud‘s anamorphic graffiti, first spotted on Scene 360, is the ultimate optical illusion. A Penrose triangle and other graphic shapes appear to be floating in abandoned spaces, adding to their surreality, but the cleverly photographed images weren’t created with Photoshop. Using old-fashioned perspective and simple paint, Guilloud’s installations are a creative sleight of hand maneuver. Take a closer look in our gallery. … Read More

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Charming Photos of People Interacting with Street Art

Street art is an evolving art form. At its best, it promotes interaction between people and public spaces. French artist Julien Coquentin, who we discovered on Design Taxi, takes that concept to heart. His playful photo series Please Draw Me a Wall finds people engaging with different artworks along the city streets, blending painted worlds with reality. Coquentin doesn’t indicate the origin of his images, but we’re guessing it could be Paris since the French capital has a very active scene. We’re especially charmed by the snapshots of a little girl staring at different murals with wonder. Take a closer look, below. … Read More

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10 of the Most Beautiful Works of Street Art From Around the Globe

You probably don’t want to read another essay on graffiti and street art’s highbrow acceptance, but the fact remains that slogans and murals spray painted and wheat pasted onto walls, and other forms of artistic expression displayed — often illegally — in public places, is more popular than ever. With over 750 beautiful color photos of art from all around the globe, Rafael Schacter’s The World Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti is further proof of how far the culture has come since the early days of French students writing slogans on walls and taggers bombing New York City subways; the spirit is still there, but now it’s high art. Click through to preview a selection of art from the book. … Read More

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Street Art Lovers, Relax: It’s Time to Let Go of 5 Pointz

You might be crying about 5 Pointz, the most prominent center for graffiti in New York, which owner David Wolkoff intends to demolish before the end of the year. I’m not, because I’m not a crier.

In fact, reasonable people might actually feel pretty sorry for Wolkoff, who could have done more to hedge against the avalanche of bad PR he has suffered for the past 12 months. On one hand, when he began allowing a warehouse he owned in Long Island City to be used as an immense canvas for sanctioned street artists, Wolkoff knew that the commissioned “aerosol art” would attract attention, and over the years, people would start to get attached to the building. That’s common sense. … Read More

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