Emotionally Revealing, Behind the Scenes Photos of Exotic Dancers

Alicia Vera’s Stripped series takes viewers behind the scenes of the Roaring 20′s gentlemen’s club in San Francisco, where the photographer documented her two-year relationship with several exotic dancers. Initially, Vera accepted a gig for a company that managed multiple strip clubs in the California city. Eventually, she formed a bond with the dancers, who allowed the artist backstage. Vera doesn’t portray the girls as glossy idols and instead reveals all the attitude, tears, and intimacy the dancers share with each other on a daily basis. “Stripped is about the face behind the veil and getting past the stereotypes and misconceptions of being an exotic dancer,” Vera has stated. See what she means in our gallery past the break. … Read More

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Glamorous Vintage Shots of 1960s Strippers [NSFW]

Looking at this extensive gallery of ’60s stripper photos collected by the excellent vintage photo blog These Americans gets us thinking. Perhaps these aren’t as culturally evocative as the mostly clothed, mod, stripper audition Polaroids that surfaced earlier this year. Perchance there’s something a bit habitual in the poses of these ladies, poses that we see performed today in obligatorily salacious advertising and within the modern modeling norm. Yet, there’s still something intriguing in these minimalist studio shots. One gal appears to be in the enthusiastic throes of imitating Raquel Welch. More than a few echo the old Hollywood glamor of Jean Harlow and Rita Hayworth. There are, of course, the boas, the sparkly pasties, the slip-on heels, and other classic decorations. Risqué or not, there’s something surreal in sifting through these shots of women with stories long lost to time but whose almost cinematic photographs live forever in the archives of the Internet. See a sampling of our favorite images from the collection after the jump, then visit These Americans to check out the entire set. … Read More

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