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Watch the Gorgeous Trailer For the Latest Studio Ghibli Film, “The Tale Of Princess Kaguya”

Studio Ghibli has been going strong since former Creative Director (and all-around genius) Hayao Miyazaki retired in 2013. The… Read More

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Playful 8-Bit Versions of Studio Ghibli Characters

Japanese animation house Studio Ghibli has set the standard for lyrical stories, stunning visuals, and vibrant characters who are both powerful and fragile. Co-founder Hayao Miyazaki and company have the magic touch. Since the company’s inception in 1985, Studio Ghibli has amassed a devoted following — and naturally, the fans enjoy paying homage to the studio’s beautiful work. Designer Richard J. Evans, who we first learned about on Fubiz, did just that with these 8-bit odes to various Studio Ghibli characters. Films like Spirited Away, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and Ponyo focus on themes of childhood, so the pixel makeovers are doubly nostalgic. For the die-hards, they’re also a fun reference to Ghibli’s videogame output (Magic Pengel and Ni no Kuni). We may never get an 8-bit era of Studio Ghibli games, but these playful, pixelated artworks are the next best thing. … Read More

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Anime Films for People Who Hate Anime

Despite anime’s popularity amongst Western audiences, the Japanese genre is still a divisive topic with cineastes. Dismissive audiences often perceive an impenetrable generational/cultural divide and associate anime with hentai and its lurid subgenres like lolicon and shokushu goukan. Some moviegoers will never get past visions of rampant tentacle sex and their own pop culture blind spots to appreciate anime for what it can be: artistic and expansive animation that has the power to portray fantastical worlds with conviction. Several anime titles are set to release this month, and we wanted to offer ten recommendations that even the staunchest haters can appreciate — a variety of emotional, action-packed, and beautifully composed works that make great introductions to the genre. Feel free to leave your own recommendations, below. … Read More

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Characters from Miyazaki Films in Real Life

Hayao Miyazaki has a pretty spectacular — and often absurd — imagination, at least if the weird, wonderful characters in his Studio Ghibli films are any indication. But what would these bizarre creatures look like if transported into the real world? Andrew Michael Golden, whose work we recently spotted over at io9, attempts to answer that very question by transmogrifying those beloved characters into flesh and blood (er, sometimes). Click through to see the results, and then head on over to Golden’s website for comparison photos and even more transformations. … Read More

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Vintage Penguin Cover-Style Posters for Hayao Miyazaki Films

If you liked the series of minimalist posters for Hayao Miyazaki films that we posted last week, then we’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy the culture geek-friendly mash-up below. Jason K, of 84/5 Studio, has created a series of beautifully executed 8.5” x 11” mini-posters for Miyazaki classics, from Castle in the Sky to Ponyo, in the style of well-loved and gently worn vintage Penguin book covers. See the series, which we spotted via Boing Boing, after the jump, and buy the posters — or a set of nine postcards to send to all your Studio Ghibli fan friends — at 84/5 Studio’s Etsy store. … Read More

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Minimalist Posters for Hayao Miyazaki Movies

For the discerning child — by which we mean, the discerning parent — there is no filmmaker more beloved than Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki, whose Studio Ghibli has spent the past quarter-century making the kind of quality kids’ movies that may be even more popular with adults. The genius behind such classics as My Neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke, and Spirited Away, Miyazaki weaves stories that are equal parts fairy tale, environmentalist fable, and beautiful animation. So, it makes sense that the latter quality has inspired of The Art of Animation to create a series of elegant minimalist posters for Studio Ghibli films, which we spotted at The Mary Sue. See some of our favorite images after the jump, and visit The Art of Animation for the entire set. … Read More

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Ranking Possible Post-Apocalyptic Scenarios From Best to Worst

As we all know, the world is supposed to end this year, dropping us all into a huge pit of who-knows-what. In an effort to be prepared, we’ve been thinking about what kind of post-apocalyptic world would best suit us — and since the end-date is a fantasy, we think it only fitting that the only resultant post-apocalyptic scenarios we consider be just as fictional. In our pop-culture focused minds, it just seems like it ought to work out that way. Accordingly, we’ve sifted through the many post-apocalyptic worlds in literature and film to find the best and the worst possible outcomes, at least in our eyes. But to each his own — would you rather live in Zombieland than in the Matrix? Or is your worst nightmare or best case scenario not represented here? Let us know in the comments. … Read More

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