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Father John Misty Is a Horny Man-Child Mama’s Boy Worth Your Earnest Attention

On the day before Josh Tillman’s 2013 wedding in Big Sur, the 33-year-old folk-rock troubadour — aka Father John Misty — took his bride, Emma, for a long hike before they climbed into an oak tree overlooking the Pacific. Years earlier — long before he’d met Emma in a store parking lot in Laurel Canyon and they’d traveled the world side by side — Tillman had tripped hard after meeting a shaman and ended up, naked, hallucinating in this same tree. … Read More

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Sleater-Kinney Announces ‘No Cities to Love,’ Their First Album in Ten Years

Sleater-Kinney, the indie-rock legends of the 90’s, have delighted fans by announcing both a new album and upcoming tour… Read More

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Kurt Cobain Reading List: The Essential Books, Interviews, and Photos

I truly believe that there is very little left to say about Kurt Cobain.

In the 20 years since his suicide, we’ve searched for meaning in his actions on April 5, 1994, and most certainly in his actions before that day. Two generations — Gen X and millennials — idolize this man, who, despite dying just as Web 1.0 was taking hold, has become one of the Internet’s most discussed musical figures ever. Every anniversary — be it Kurt’s birthday, his deathday, every Nirvana album, grunge as a genre — must be celebrated with a rumination on Kurt Cobain. To which I counter: does the world need so-called new thoughts on Kurt when so many great ones already exist? … Read More

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This Year’s Essential Record Store Day Exclusives

Yes, this Saturday is 4/20, but if you can detach yourself from the bucket bong, it’s also Record Store Day. The annual celebration of independent record stores has grown into quite an industry, and as ever, there’s a heap of awesome-looking releases to trawl through once you’ve fought your way through the crowds and thrown enough judicious elbows to make your ways to the crates of vinyl — so much so, in fact, that the selection can be somewhat overwhelming. Never fear, though, because we’ve sifted through the list of this year’s RSD exclusives to bring you the best of the best. What’s on your shopping list? … Read More

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Retro Redesigns of Indie Record Label Logos

Here at Flavorwire, we have something of a hankering for retro design, and as such we were rather taken by these reworked logotypes, especially as they happen to be the logos of some of our favorite record labels. The designs, which we spotted at Design Work Life, are the work of graphic designer and filmmaker Ben Geier, and form part of a project whereby he “redesign[s] all the logos of my favorite record labels in a retro style… taking lots of inspiration from the Batman animated series.” The results are kinda cool in a suitably retro kind of way; if you like them, there are more to be seen on Geier’s website. … Read More

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Hear the Australian Cassette Magazine That Inspired the Birth of Sub Pop

Anyone who knows their Sub Pop history will know that the iconic Seattle label’s beginnings lay in the cassette tapes that founder Bruce Pavitt used to distribute with his early 1980s zine Subterranean Pop. What you might not know, however, is that the whole cassette zine idea was inspired by an earlier publication from the… Read More

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The Morning's Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. Fast Five, the fifth film in the Fast and the Furious franchise, earned $83.6 million in its debut weekend, setting a box office record for Universal in the process. The takeaway: Expect that six film to hit theaters any day now… [via Vulture]

2. “It’s exhausting. It takes a lot more energy… Read More

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Music and Beer: A Match Made in Rock ‘n Roll Heaven

Music nerds who are also beer nerds, prepare yourselves for a total geekgasm: The Asheville Brewing Company is teaming up with the Bob Moog Foundation to create Moog Filtered Ale. Yes, you read that right. There is going to be a beer named after the dude who invented the Moog synthesizer. Want to taste it? You’ll have to make your way to North Carolina between May 27th and July 31st.

But how about those of us who don’t happen to live in or near North Carolina? What are our musical brew options? After the jump, check out six more past and present beers distributed or inspired by musicians, just in time for barbecue season. … Read More

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