A Selection of Awesome Table Read Videos from TV and Film

Every now and then, we’ll come across footage of an awesome table read. Y’know — when the cast of a film or TV show comes together, sits at a table, and reads through a new script. Because we’re so accustomed to seeing these performances in their final formats, it’s pretty enjoyable to watch our favorite actors chatter through their characters’ famous lines for the very first time. After stumbling upon the hilarious Superbad sex-scene table read (via Reddit, naturally), we were inspired to gather a collection of ten more similar videos. … Read More

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An Anthropological Analysis of Unrealistic Pop Culture Geeks

Back in the day, Hollywood was all about pretty girls, pretty boys, and their pretty problems. To an extent, it still is — after all, what are we on, Season 7,500 of Gossip Girl?  — but our entertainment has discovered the tremendous value in appealing to audiences’ inner dweebs. Instead of showering misfits in pig’s blood on prom night, we’re celebrating geeks. And that’s great! Really! Who doesn’t love big brains, niche interests, and the blessing that is social awkwardness? (Don’t answer that.)

The thing is, as noble as this cause is, Hollywood isn’t always particularly adept at pulling off these social Cinderella plots, to the point where we’re starting to wish they’d just leave the dweebs alone. So frequently are today’s geeks or their metaphorical rags-to-riches plotlines manufactured in completely unbelievable ways that we’ve charted some of film and TV’s biggest offenders and made a field guide to the worst tropes. Arm yourself with knowledge after the jump. … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we were excited to hear that The Adventures of Tintin will soon be coming to DVD. We wondered why the Portuguese translations of Judd Apatow’s movie titles are so much funnier than the films themselves (for example, Superbad = Superguys Who Play Hooky). We loved this take on … Read More

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Which High School Movie Fits Your High School Stereotype?

No matter how we turned out or how unique we think we are, the truth is that most of us fit some high school stereotype or another. And we like to think that, even if we’ve given up our Star Wars action figure collection or stopped playing football, we keep a little piece of that history with us in our adult lives. So, as kids everywhere are preparing to head back to school, and in honor of those inner nerds and jocks, we present a selection of high-school films tailored to your high-school stereotype. … Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. The 22 pieces of custom-made furniture Michael Jackson commissioned for his planned home in London during the This Is It tour (including a leopard-print chair trimmed with ostrich feathers) are going on the auction block. [via


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10 Characters Who Couldn’t Go a Day Without Swearing

The California Assembly recently (and inexplicably) declared the first week of March “Cuss Free Week.” In what is simultaneously a celebration of freedom of speech and a raised eyebrow at such a ludicrous waste of political power, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 fictional characters most likely to contribute to the so-called “cuss jar,” along with some NSFW clips of them in action. Drop any pop culture profanity lovers that we’ve left out in the comments jar below. … Read More

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The Weekend Box Office: The Return of Sandra Bullock

Our favorite rom-com star, Sandra Bullock, was back in her element this weekend, helping The Proposal take the top slot, knocking back stiff competition from The Hangover, UP and The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3. The other newbie of the week, Year One, premiered in a mediocre fourth place — looks like nobody is buying the prehistoric comedy trend. Even if does involve Michael… Read More

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Heed their St. Paddy's Day Warning: 7 Sloppy Drunk Moments in TV and Film

It’s that time of year again that’s exciting for children and drunks alike — St. Patrick’s Day! But before you take tomorrow off from work to funnel down copious amounts of green beer and don tacky beads, pause dear reader. If still want your job the morning after your daytime bender, instead of gulping beverage number six (err… or whatever your tipping point might be), opt for a Mickey D’s Shamrock Shake instead. (More on that later.)  After the jump, some risky behavior warnings courtesy of the past 30 years of film and television. Because a walk of shame looking like Poison Ivy is never cool. … Read More

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