In Defense of Britpop (Well, Some of It)


Cometh the anniversary, cometh the backlash. As I’ve already discussed this week, 2014 is a year that bursts with musical anniversaries — on this side of the Atlantic it was the decline of grunge (and a vintage year for hip hop), while across the ocean it’s the 20th anniversary of the commercial height of Britpop. There’s plenty of nostalgia around the anniversary, but there’s also been a significant backlash: The Guardian‘s Michael Hann described it as “a cultural abomination that set music back,” while The Quietus’ Taylor Parkes launched a broadside against Britpop nostalgia, arguing that “Britpop was the willing soundtrack to — and yes, enabler of — the final destruction of everything Britpop ever claimed to love.” Hey, come on now. It wasn’t all bad. Not at first, anyway.
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