Exclusive: Kathleen Hanna on Voicing Myrna, the Alien Puppet That’ll Rule SXSW

There’s a scene in Ian Samuels’ surreal, funny, and touching short film Myrna the Monster, which premiered at Sundance and will screen at SXSW next month, where the titular character (played by a puppet) shows up to what she believes to be an audition for a Step Up movie. A more voracious porn fan might have assumed as much based on the word “raw” appearing in the production’s title, but you’ll have to excuse Myrna — she’s new to this planet. … Read More

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Aggregating Hype: The 10 SXSW 2014 Acts Most Likely to Break Big

As has been chronicled tirelessly this year and in recent years, music discovery has become an afterthought at SXSW. Now it’s the showdown at brand corral, and I don’t just mean the big guys like Doritos and Samsung. … Read More

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Tyler, the Creator Is Not a Naïve “Kid” — Chaos Is His Brand

One of the biggest headlines to come out of SXSW was the arrest of Tyler, the Creator, who allegedly incited a riot during his show Thursday. It was a weird week for the Odd Future leader, whose set at the Mohawk the previous night was canceled following the tragic car crash that transpired outside the club, precisely where many of his fans had been waiting. So it would be understandable to think that Tyler might have headed into Thursday’s show wanting to forget the horrific events of the previous 18 hours, with which he was involved by simply agreeing to do his job. He wil’ed out Thursday in attempt to leave behind Wednesday’s tragedy, but in doing so he nearly caused another.

… Read More

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In the Mosh Pit with Diarrhea Planet at Rachael Ray’s Private SXSW Party

“In no way is Rachael Ray’s food associated with diarrhea,” Jordan Smith announces from the stage. “I want to make that extremely clear to everyone.” … Read More

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Kelis’s Comeback Rolls Through SXSW in a Food Truck

AUSTIN, TX: Kelis’s duck confit sliders bring all the boys to the yard.

No, really.

Down at South By Southwest, attendees often are reintroduced to familiar faces angling to mount big comebacks and reinventions. Sometimes it doesn’t work — typically because the shows aren’t high-profile enough or the stunts aren’t clever enough to break through… Read More

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Charli XCX’s Rock Reinvention Takes Shape at SXSW 2014

AUSTIN, TX: It’s easy to forget that a year ago, Charli XCX was just getting ready to launch her proper debut, True Romance. Instead of a  l o n g campaign to promote the shit out of the excellent electro-pop LP, Charli was onto the next thing by September, releasing new single “… Read More

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Lady Gaga to Critics at SXSW Keynote: “You Don’t Know Fuck About the Music Industry”

AUSTIN, TX: Twelve hours after headlining a show for Doritos, Lady Gaga took an anti-consumerist stance at her SXSW keynote interview. Fuse’s John Norris led a softball interview that allowed Gaga to wax poetic about her art vs. commerce philosophies. Much of her speech was critical of the music industry, including the Billboard charts and her record label, Interscope, as well as technology as a whole: “As you get more successful, they push the rule book at you more.” … Read More

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Watch Charli XCX Perform New Song at SXSW, “Breaking Up”

Charli XCX can’t not do a catchy song. The co-writer of last summer’s mega-hit “I Love It” and the Clueless-themed “… Read More

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