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Taye Diggs Probably Follows You on Twitter: Links You Need to See

We made it through another week, and how will you be spending the weekend? Seeing that new Tom Cruise blockbuster, eating fast-food Mexican fusion, or DMing with Taye Diggs? … Read More

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The Best Things We Read on the Internet This Week: James Baldwin’s Poetry, Remembering Maggie Estep

Listicles, tweets, your ex’s Facebook status, picture of dogs wearing costumes — the Internet offers no shortage of entertaining stuff to look at. But there’s plenty of substantial writing out there, too, the pieces you spend a few minutes reading and a long time thinking about after you’ve closed the tab. In this weekly feature, Flavorwire shares the best of that category. This edition includes a tribute to the late writer Maggie Estep, poetry by James Baldwin, and much more. … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we talked about sex dreams. We saw what it might look like if Disney villains had won, and then we bought t-shirts starring all the wicked characters. We read about movie studio logos and the stories behind them. We chatted with … Read More

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The Most Beautiful Fast Food Restaurants in the World

The last thing we want to do is perpetuate a fast food nation, but there is something fascinating in finding beauty in the grotesque. In this case, it’s unexpectedly interesting architecture housing the antithesis of the greatest Portlandia skit to date. A contradiction in every sense of the word, we’re not celebrating the evil All-American meal and the global health epidemic it’s played a large hand in creating, but only commenting on the power of design should franchised McArchitecture ever be abandoned entirely as a marketing strategy. Case in point: we might actually consider eating at a beautiful McDonald’s.

Call us aesthetic snobs, but subpar standardization permeates this food culture from top to bottom. We can’t help but wonder, what if it didn’t? The fast food of the past 60 years might have looked a lot more like Ferran Adrià’s latest Fast Good in Barcelona.

From a charming adaptive re-use of a Beaux-Arts train station to a lo-fi pop-up to design blog-worthy modernist buildings, click through to check out what fast food architecture could be. Now we just need to get them to revamp the food. … Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. The 2011 Oscar nominations are in, with The King’s Speech dominating the pack with 12 nods. The Academy Awards will air live on ABC on February 27th. [via THR]

2. According to Diplo, Beyonce and Sleigh Bells guitarist Derek Miller have been in the studio together working on new material, but it’s… Read More

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What’s on at Flavorpill: Links That Made the Rounds in our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we were unsettled by a strange confluence of chihauhau mourning: there was the death of Taco Bell’s Gidget today, yes, but also a flashback to the passing of Mickey Rourke’s beloved chihuahua Loki with the news that Rourke will be honoring him with special slippers. Elsewhere in the animal kingdom, there was this life-size image of a blue whale. Speaking of astonishing sights (and sites), remember what the internet used to look like? The Daily Beast does, and it’s not pretty. The jury’s still out on whether or not John Oates’s mustache is pretty, but it is undoubtedly the first animated mustache to have its own Twitter feed. And that’s not all we learned today: the Guardian gave us a lesson in bookshelf etiquette, Vice gave us a guide to comics, and then the bell rang, and class was… Read More

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Pic of the Day: The Tacobellini

Or, How to Serve Taco Bell at Your Next Dinner Party. Looks impressive, right? And we already know how good it tastes… [via Fancy Fast Food]

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Mmmm…Pancakes…Nom Nom Nom [Food Songs]

Your lunch is long gone, the work day is almost over (or maybe that’s just us), and that that rumble in your stomach isn’t calling out for art. Admit it: you’re hungry son. After the jump, three more hilariously food-obsessed videos to download just in time for dinner (including a doozy of a Taco Bell commercial featuring Johnny Cash). … Read More

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Five to Watch: Today’s Must-See Viral Videos

What’s more heartwarming than watching the President read our favorite children’s book to a group of excited kids? Our celebrity crush Paul Rudd reading from the pages of a trashy romance novel. Le sigh. Speaking of love, we’ve also got two dudes who are so crazy about Taco Bell that they’ve written a folk song about it and Lindsay Lohan searching for love on eHarmony! These, and the creepadoodle Antichrist trailer, after the jump. … Read More

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