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Where to Start with the 13,000 Concert Videos in YouTube’s Music Vault

Last week, YouTube announced a partnership with Music Vault that brought thousands of remastered, high-quality live performances to the platform. More than 13,000 of these concert clips, to be exact, spanning every rock legend of the last 50 years all the way to modern indie favorites (and even a baffling amount of Limp Bizkit.) No longer will late-night YouTube rabbit-holes be relegated to lo-fi bootlegs or shaky cell phone footage, huzzah! The partnership marks an initial step in YouTube’s increased interest in the music space. … Read More

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Music-Loving Makeup Artist Paints Classic Album Covers Directly Onto Her Face

Looking for a new beauty look to prepare for next year’s Record Store Day? Natalie Sharp has you covered. The London makeup artist decided to commemorate the day by painting eight album covers onto her face — a slightly delusional choice, she told The Quietus: “I stupidly thought I could knock these out in a day.” Each face, she says, took three to six hours, and was painted entirely freehand — no stencils. … Read More

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Valentine’s Day-Worthy Art Inspired by the Talking Heads

The fine folks at Land gallery in Portland are celebrating Valentine’s Day with some arty odes to love, inspired by the Talking Heads. If oversized business suits and avant-garde theatrics make your heart swell, the exhibition Love for Sale will call to you. From the Johnny Marr-backed “(Nothing But) Flowers” to the songs from David Byrne’s 1986 film True Stories, directed by the performer, these valentines reference all the greats from the band. Catch a preview of the show in our gallery, then head to the official website for more information. … Read More

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10 Great Songs Built Around the 808

Some rather exciting news crept by almost unnoticed yesterday — according to this report, synth manufacturers Roland might be reissuing their iconic drum machine, the TR-808, along with the TB-303 bass synth. These two pieces of equipment were commercial failures on their release in the early ’80s, but they’ve become hugely sought after since, changing hands on eBay for thousands of dollars. Why? Because you hear them everywhere. The 808, in particular, defined the sound of early hip hop and also a whole lot of dance music, and it’s as ubiquitous today as ever. Here are ten songs that demonstrate its versatility and its iconic sounds. … Read More

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Flavorwire Roundup: The First CDs We Ever Bought

Despite how easy it is to go online and quickly download an entire album in just a few seconds (which we are paying for, of course), there’s nothing particularly special in purchasing music from the ether. Gone are the days of driving to the mall to browse through the racks of CDs at Camelot Music and Sam Goody; no longer can we fill out multiple Columbia House order forms for seemingly free albums. CDs were the last physical music objects, and our first purchases say a lot about us as much and the time in which we grew up. (For the record, I like to tell everyone my first CD was the Reality Bites soundtrack, but it was, regrettably, the revival Broadway cast recording of Grease! featuring Brooke Shields as Rizzo.) I asked a few friends from across the Internet to share their first CD purchases. Click through after the jump, and share your stories in the comments!  … Read More

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The 10 Best Songs We Heard This Week: Boards of Canada, Talking Heads

It’s Friday, which means everyone at Flavorwire central is getting pretty excited at the prospect of three whole days off, and also that it’s time to round up the best songs we’ve heard this week. This week there’s actual new music from Boards of Canada, a long-buried Talking Heads/Arthur Russell collaboration, new songs from Susanna (of Magical Orchestra renown), Cold Cave and Melvins, along with Scout Niblett deconstructing TLC, a whole mixtape from Inga Copeland, and plenty more. All this goodness is streaming now, and it all awaits you after the jump. Click through to listen! … Read More

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A Selection of 4:20 Songs to Soundtrack 4/20

Last week, we amused ourselves with a thought experiment that was doing the rounds on Tumblr — marking 4/11 by picking out the best songs in our iTunes library that were precisely four minutes and 11 seconds long. It turned out that there were heaps, and the idea got us thinking: when better to do something similar than 4/20? So we thought we’d limit ourselves to making our annual stoner mixtape for today out of songs that are precisely four minutes and 20 seconds long. (Disclaimer: these songs are all 4:20 on our iTunes — your mileage may vary, and all that, but let’s not split hairs, eh?) … Read More

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10 Rock Albums That Were Impossible to Follow Up

It’s a familiar experience. There’s that one mind-blowingly great album you just can’t get enough of, an album of epic proportion. Then one day you learn that this beloved artist will be releasing a new album. A sense of dread-tinged anticipation overcomes you. Any potential trace of hopefulness that it just might live up to your expectations is overshadowed by the bleak probability of impending disappointment. It’s not that all follow ups to great albums are necessarily bad, it’s just that there’s a certain discomfort in knowing that we’re going to have to move on and adapt. That’s the way music works; sometimes for the better, and sometimes not. We’ve put together a list of ten earthshaking rock albums that were impossible to follow up, often resulting in a derailment, a reinvention, or a fade-away. … Read More

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The 10 Best Rock ‘n’ Roll Bands To Dance To

Lonerism, the new album by the most excellent and hyper-talented Australian psych band Tame Impala is out today, and we’ve been enjoying it immensely. Perhaps the best thing about the band is that their music is as danceable as it is psychedelically wigged-out — something that’s perhaps more surprising than it should be. Happily, the dance music/rock music divide is far less pronounced than it used to be, but still, we go to far too many rock shows where everyone but us is just kinda standing and nodding their heads. So to celebrate Lonerism, we’ve selected some of our other favorite guitar-focused bands for jumping around like a lunatic to. Who are your choices? … Read More

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