Tara Reid

Why the ‘Sharknado’ People Are Doing Bad Movies Wrong

Last night, the Syfy Channel aired a little something called Sharknado, a made-for-TV movie about… well, a shark tornado. “Enough said,” as the ads insisted. The film, which featured such D-list luminaries as Tara Reid and Ian Ziering, was the latest collaboration between the network and Asylum, the studio behind such “mockbusters” (closely titled blockbuster ripoffs viewed, almost entirely, by accident) as Transmorphers, Paranormal Entity, and Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies. Their previous Syfy originals have included 2-Headed Shark Attack, Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus, and Mega Pirahna. They’re making a very good living creating bad movies — but you can’t create bad movies. Asylum and Syfy, at risk of being a buzzkill, are doing it wrong. … Read More

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The Worst January Film Releases of All Time

January is upon us, and we film fans know what that means: nothing good. The first month of the year is traditionally the dumping ground for Hollywood studios, the month in which they unload the films that aren’t quality enough for the Oscar-courting fall, but not commercial enough for the lucrative holiday, spring, and summer seasons. January is where bad movies go to die, and where studios hope we won’t notice them. They’re usually right; viewers either tend to catch up on the prestige pictures that are going into wider release, or just stay at home and watch football. But our nation’s film critics, fat and happy after the holiday feast of smart, highbrow entertainment, are often subjected to the sugar crash of January dogs, and as a result, their reviews often pack a little bit of extra vitriol. After the jump, we’ve assembled the ten worst movies released in the month of January — according to the reliable aggregators at Rotten Tomatoes — along with a few choice words from the scribes who sat through them. … Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. Genius marketing idea: The History Channel is placing very real looking fake alligators in manholes around New York City to promote Season 2 of its reality TV series Swamp People. [via EW]

2. Beyoncé and her father Matthew Knowles, who has been her manager since the Destiny’s Child days, are taking a… Read More

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