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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. Richard Prince’s Spiritual America, a nude portrait of 10-year-old Brooke Shields, has been pulled from a show scheduled to open tomorrow at the Tate Modern after the museum had a visit from the “obscene publications unit of the Metropolitan police.” [via The Guardian]
2. Contrary to previous reports, Comcast is not in talks to buy NBC-Universal from General Electric. This is good news for 30 Rock. [via Philly.com]
3. Paramount has shifted the release date of Up in the Air, hopefully avoiding a George Clooney vs. George Clooney showdown at the box office. [via THR]
4. Flavor Flav — who dropped out in the 10th grade — is shopping around a new reality series that would send him back to high school to receive his diploma. [via THR]
5. Listen to “Scoff,” an unreleased Nirvana song from Sub Pop’s upcoming Bleach reissue. [via… Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. It’s cinematic, baby: Filmmaker Roman Polanski’s surprise arrest in Zurich could be what leads to his freedom. [via WaPo]
2. Marilyn Manson has the swine flu. [via Rolling Stone]
3. ABC will air its new alien show V in two parts; four episodes starting in November, and then nine more after the Olympics in March. [via TV Guide]
4. The Tate Modern is set to recreate a 1992 exhibition of work by Rob Pruitt and Jack Early that New Yorkers deemed racist. [via The Independent]
5. The CW’s new Ashton Kutcher-produced model drama, The Beautiful Life, has been canceled after just two episodes. Poor Marissa Cooper. [via THR]
Bonus link: Pitchfork’s Top 200 Albums of the 2000s:… Read More

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Will the World Have to Wait for Posthumous Márquez? [Morning Links]

Books: Gabriel García Márquez, literary giant, lays down his pen
Dance/Opera: Possibly the Craziest Dance of the Future Ever (video)
Design: Power Your Gadgets with Water
Film: Trio in talks for ‘Inception’
Music: Zooey Deschanel Wants You To Know That She’s Not Katy Perry
Television:… Read More

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Is Critical Darling Olafur Eliasson Just a Crowd-Pleaser?

It’s safe to say that OLAFUR ELIASSON, who recently wrapped up his first major US survey at MOMA and P.S. 1, is the latest international art world juggernaut.

His waterfalls in New York Harbor form one of the largest (and most costly) exhibitions of public art the city has ever seen.  He’s completed projects for LOUIS VUITTON and the BMW Art Car Collection, and his 2003 show at the TATE MODERN, THE WEATHER PROJECT drew more than 2 million adulatory visitors.

Curiously, he has yet to suffer the critical backlash that so often accompanies an artist’s rise to stratospheric fame. Alex Lessard-Pilon’s take on why after the jump. … Read More

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