Samantha Bee’s New Show Will Be On-the-Ground, Feminist, and Very Canadian


The classic image of the American late-night show is a host in a suit, strolling out on stage to confidently lob one-liners at an adoring studio audience. In some ways, Samantha Bee fits this image perfectly; with over a decade as one of the star players on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show under her belt, she’s a seasoned and self-assured performer, able to establish a rapport with guests and viewers alike.
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10 TV Events to Look Out For in April


There are a handful of promising new shows premiering everywhere in April, from FX to Netflix to Showtime, and it’s also the month of our returning favorites on HBO (time for Game of Thrones to take over television and the Internet once again!). But let’s be honest, there’s only thing everyone will be talking about: the end of Mad Men. The second half of the seventh and final season begins this Sunday and, after only seven more episodes, the show will be off the air. Even if you’re not a Mad Men fan, April might be the year’s best month for …Read More