Cindy Sherman Emojis, Apple Watches, and Ireland’s One-Day Legalization of Ecstasy and Ketamine: Links You Need To See

Vanessa Bayer is once again flexing her formidable PR skills as Above Average‘s Janessa Slater, and this time she has some “Sound Advice” for Sleater-Kinney. Slater (not to be confused with Sleater) advises the band to do things like carry forth Susan B. Anthony’s famous message: “Be a girl, get dressed up, be pretty.” Watch Sleater-Kinney’s faces as they discuss the technicalities of indecent exposure and whether or not men should be buying women lobster dinners. … Read More

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HBO Announces Launch of Standalone Streaming Service in April, Shares ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 5 Trailer

HBO announced in a press release that they will officially launch a standalone premium streaming service this April — just… Read More

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How the Internet Turns Justine Saccos Into Hester Prynnes

While people abusing the Internet’s power of anonymity to be cruel, and terrorizing through comments sections and social media, isn’t what anyone would call news (see: Amanda Hess’ award-winning “Why Women Aren’t Safe on the Internet,” Gamergate, etc.), a pair of articles in this weekend’s New York Times survey the damage in a way that suggests the Internet is in dire need of a code of ethics. With just one tiny misstep — or even just a misunderstanding — any one of us could become Hester Prynne for 15 minutes. … Read More

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Kanye West’s Secret Weapon Is His Versatility

Late last year, in what seemed like a lost bet with his label Def Jam, Kanye West did a nationwide commercial radio tour. I’m not talking about the next-level Zane Lowe BBC interview everyone raved over, I’m talking about Kanye going to pop and “urban”-format radio stations with cheesy DJs in nearly every major market where his Yeezus Tour stopped. Some of these interviews made headlines, but mostly the DJs were intimidated by Kanye and let him ramble on about whatever he damn well pleased, be it Adidas or Kardashians. … Read More

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Maj Isabelle Olsson, Lead Industrial Designer of Google Glass, on Wearable Technology

“Perfection is attained not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away,” wrote Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. At last weekend’s annual Dwell on Design in Los Angeles, lead industrial designer of Google Glass Maj Isabelle Olsson referred to the above quotation from the author who wrote The Little Prince to explain her inspiration behind the “look” of Google Glass. Appropriately, the title of her talk was “Google Glass: Less Is More.” … Read More

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Flavorpill LA’s Favorite Games from E3

E3 2013 has come and gone, bringing with it all the usual hullabaloo that makes gamers go nuts. New systems were announced, and by now, everyone knows Sony dominated, Microsoft stumbled, and Nintendo just went about its business. All had great consoles, games, and peripherals, and though fans and news outlets keyed in on the major games, we thought we’d focus on ones that aren’t getting as much attention as they deserve. … Read More

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Why Is Frank Gehry So Desperate to Align Himself With Facebook?

For a while, rumors have been circulating that Facebook would be relocating from a Midtown Manhattan office at 335 Madison Ave to the downtown tech stead of Silicon Alley. Yesterday, Serkan Piantino, head of Facebook’s New York engineering team, confirmed the news, announcing that they would be taking up 100,000 square feet of space on two floors of an existing building at 770 Broadway. … Read More

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12 Essential Mobile Apps for New York Culture Lovers

There are bigger problems in the world, but the process of tracking down and mastering a core set of apps for your Apple or Android phone can be overwhelming, especially in the center of the cultural universe that is New York City. For getting directions (Google Maps) or grabbing dinner (Yelp, Urbanspoon, Seamless) there’s a pretty clear consensus on the best choices, but when it comes to finding art or music shows, working out bike routes that won’t get you killed, or… deciphering the colors of the Empire State Building’s lights, it’s not nearly as obvious where to look. Here’s a list of apps that should satisfy the cravings of nearly any smartphone-wielding, culture-loving New Yorker. … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds In Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we watched the best music videos of 2012. We made a list of 12 things to do before the world ends. We saw everything wrong with The Avengers in three minutes. We discovered that HBO’s corporate website is in desperate need of a design update. We wanted to buy this nail polish that helps support a sanctuary for bats. We looked back on Christina Aguilera’s biggest fashion fails on The Voice. … Read More

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Strangely Cathartic Photos of Demolished Apple Products

We love our iPhones, sure, and owe much of our livelihood to our MacBooks. But that doesn’t mean they don’t also sometimes drive us crazy. Whether they’re malfunctioning or simply demanding too much of our attention, it’s only natural that, every once in a while, we just want to take a sledgehammer to the devices that increasingly control our lives. Perhaps it’s that ambivalence that drove graphic designer Michael Tompert — both a former employee of Apple and a longtime fan of its products — to team up with photographer Paul Fairchild on a series of pictures that show iPhone, iPads, and MacBooks smashed to beautiful pieces. As a substitute for throwing your own gadgets at the wall, page through some of their strangely cathartic shots after the jump, and visit Fubiz to see more. … Read More

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