See Alexander Graham Bell’s First Sketch of the Telephone

In honor of the anniversary of Alexander Graham Bell’s first successful telephone call, The Atlantic has an awesome slideshow of some of the best images from his lab notebooks, which have been loving preserved by the Library of Congress. While it’s almost impossible to make out his handwriting, his illustrations of scientific principles… Read More

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Guessing Game: Match the Payphone with the Country

For 15 years, Mark A. Thomas has been collecting phone numbers from payphones around the world for what he calls The Payphone Project. On his website, he states the purpose of this venture: “To promote random contacts among complete strangers.” In other words, Thomas hopes that by listing numbers from public payphones on the internet, someone will give a random number a call and a complete stranger who happens to walk by will pick up on the other end. If that doesn’t sound like it’s for you, we have a slightly less adventurous task for you: Can you correctly identify which country each of the following 10 payphones come from? Don’t worry — we’ve picked images containing some clues to help you out. … Read More

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The Top 10 Celebrities Who Hate Lady Gaga

Despite her numerous collaborations, leotards and intellectual pursuits, there are some major Gaga haters out there. And some of these haters are people we actually respect! Imagine that. After the jump, check out a roundup of quotes from famous people who don’t see the magic behind muppet-inspired… Read More

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Screencapping Lady Gaga + Beyonce in “Telephone” (NSFW)

“Telephone,” the latest video drama from Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce — with the help of Gaga’s prized directorial auteur Jonas Akerlund — unfurls at an epic nine minutes, thirty-two seconds. If you don’t have the time, bandwidth, or firewall clearance to sit through 9:32 of NSFW ass-shaking, mass murder, conceptual hairdos and product placement, click on through to our screencapped guide. (Yeah, we know, it’s kind of our beat.) As always, if there’s anything we missed, school us in the… Read More

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